What is infantilism – signs, types what is infantility at men, women?

What is infantilism – signs, types what is infantility at men, women?

What is infantilism? It is the phenomenon which is characterized by children's perception of the world and people around, and all nothing, but the adult behaving as the child is perceived by others very crucially. Infantile men and women are not capable of the full-fledged family relations, are badly socialized.

What is infantility?

What does "infantile" mean? This quality of the personality opposite to a maturity. For any person is norm occasionally to experience regress, for example in disturbing situations, but the mature identity of subjects also differs from infantile that is able to trace this state and to reach the level of search of the decision for an exit from current situation. Sometimes the infantility is a manifestation of a disease, but to a thicket is the position of the adult expressed in growing avoiding, the following manifestations are characteristic of infantile persons:

  • fear of responsibility;
  • jamming in children's experiences offenses;
  • tendency to accuse the whole world of the failures;
  • do not seek for development and new knowledge;
  • inability to set the purposes and to realize them;
  • someone's refusal in something is difficult perceived, infantila consider that it all have to, and they to nobody;
  • strong affection for parents;
  • in work seek to shift the duties to others.

Types of infantility

The infantile personality is an unripe personality, the infantility is many-sided and is subdivided into several types:

  1. Physiological – is shown by a corporal underdevelopment owing to heavy pregnancy or childbirth.
  2. Mental – congenital psychopathology and frustration.
  3. Psychological – is formed in the course of education in family.
  4. Social – violation of mechanisms of socialization.
  5. Legal – is connected with gaps of knowledge in the system of the rights and unwillingness to investigate the rights.

Infantility in psychology

What is infantilism – psychologists characterize this phenomenon as the immaturity of the individual which is shown in thinking, actions as inappropriate to age criterion. The mental infantility can be a symptom of other frustration: neurosises, phobias, arrest of development of nervous system, heavy psychopathologies (schizophrenia, frustration of an autistic range).

Reasons of psychological infantility:

  • active invasion of parents into space of the child and suppression of his independence;
  • the child successfully manipulates parents, they carry out all his whims, fixing in him a behavior pattern that everything can achieve in life skillfully manipulating on feelings of others.

Infantile sexuality

The infantile behavior of the small child is directed to satisfaction to them requirements. The infantile sexuality is an autoerotizm when the child focuses on feelings of the body, deriving from it pleasure and calm, for example, in lack of a maternal breast he replaces it with sucking of the finger, or feels pleasure from urination and depletion. Z. Freud in the "Essays about sexuality" in detail considered formation of sexuality of the person through initial manifestation – infantile sexuality.

Legal infantility

The infantility is different. What is legal infantility? This phenomenon inherent in modern society is also expressed that people do not seek for knowledge of a legal system, do not know the rights and are negative to many laws, simply ignoring them. The legal infantility is considered a soft form of distortion of legal consciousness of citizens, but can threaten with the fact that value systems gradually collapse.

Infantile frustration of the personality

What is infantilism in psychiatry? The infantility is shown by immaturity of psychophysiological functions, externally it looks physical as an underdevelopment, the child lags behind in growth, muscular and skeletal system are underdeveloped, intellectual development also suffers. If to carry out medicamentous and psychological correction – children are often corrected. The infantile psychosis which is sign of heavy frustration of an autistic range is considered serious manifestation.

Infantile psychosis as follows proves:

  • hyper kinesthesia (attempt to clamber on walls, a high muscular tone up to spasms, run around;
  • incoherent speech;
  • aggression;
  • violations of attention;
  • persuasive same gestures.

Social infantility

Immaturity of the person as persons in combination with emotional and strong-willed immaturity generates the phenomenon – social infantility, and it is connected with such concept as a viktimnost. The learned helplessness, positioning of as the victims of the circumstances which are not able to solve something in an adult way and to take the responsibility for actions, proceeding from a social role.

Infantile hedonism one of bright manifestations of social infantility. That to receive something it is necessary to give: the time, work, overcoming itself, but in modern society prospers consumerism and receiving at first pleasure. For example, the person lit up to buy new expensive phone, did not save up money, but took the credit under big percent, and with an anticipation of happiness buys phone, he becomes involved in crowd as all around. Payment time on accounts and collision with reality comes: is not enough for life, and it is necessary to pay.

Infantilism – signs

What does the infantile person mean? The following signs of infantilism are characteristic of men and women:

  • egocentrism – everything has to rotate around it, without efforts from its party;
  • dependence – a social position;
  • makes acts, without thinking of consequences, and being only guided by the requirements;
  • there is no purpose in life, except own comfort;
  • there is no adequate assessment of;
  • does not seek for self-knowledge and self-development;
  • is not able to solve problems, waits when someone solves for it.

Infantilism at men

What is male infantilism? The psychological infantility at men can arise if it was cultivated in incomplete family where mother replaced both parents was both mother and the father, devoted to the child all herself without the rest. Such "sticking" on the child is frequent happens if the woman decides to give rise "for herself", at late age. Boys in this plan are lucky less than to girls because the woman cannot give fatherly love and education. Infantile man, signs:

  • close symbiotic connection with mother, listens to it in everything, constantly consults;
  • is not able to handle money, it always does not have them;
  • frequent it is the merry fellows and jokers loving festivals and parties at the expense of others;
  • avoids the serious relations with women and if marries brings the wife into the house of parents;
  • the child's look looks youthful even at mature age;
  • prefers departure to the illusory world of imagination, computer games;
  • is capricious and often takes offense as the child at any criticism in his party.

Infantilism at women

What is female infantilism whether it differs from men's? Yes and no. The infantile woman in some societies is even encouraged. It is a lot of families where the man solves everything, and from the woman it is only required to keep the house clean and to give birth to children, she gets used to rely almost in everything on the husband. On often problems of female infantilism begin in parental family, often indulge girls: "Who at us here the father's girl?" that the feeling that all have to care for it always cultivates in her. At first the father, then it looks for the man of "father".

Female infantilism, signs:

  • she grew up, but in fact remained the girl;
  • looks for the solution of all the problems in the partner;
  • other option when communication with the man lasts exactly before end of romanticism, she is not capable of the long deep relations.

How to get rid of infantilism?

The personality facing reality consequences, or blames others for the problems or, at last opens eyes and begins to ask a question: "How to stop being infantile?" The road will be mastered by going – it means that it is necessary to recognize the infantilism as a real-life problem and to begin to move in the direction of disposal of it, on it some time will leave, but a big bonus will be the fact that the personality becomes independent and life begins to be adjusted. Steps on disposal of infantilism:

  1. If still the adult lives with the parents, it is necessary "to leave" in independent swimming to rent apartment, for example.
  2. To learn to have that money which are available, to cease to take from parents. They already owe nothing to the adult son or the daughter, and they have requirements too, it is worth to remember about it.
  3. To get a pet – it is necessary to care for it, and it helps to mature and be responsible.
  4. To find work and to become the popular expert.
  5. To learn to have the opinion and to defend it.
  6. To cease to shift responsibility for decision-making to relatives, there has to be an accurate position "I so solved!", and a clear understanding why such decision was made with all that it implies from it by consequences.


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