To what what zodiac sign the stone suits

To what what zodiac sign the stone suits

Since ancient times the people noticed influence of gemstones on activity. Wise men claimed that everyone has to carry certain metals and minerals for equilibration of the internal forces: for suppression of excess qualities and stimulation of weak. In the world there is a set of various classifications of minerals. Choosing gemstone for itself or as a gift to dear person, it is possible to use the most widespread trial and error method on astrological zodiac signs.


1. Aries. The people born under this sign will suit such stones as agate, it is worth paying pomegranate, a ruby, a falcon eye, special attention to sardonyx. Also beneficial impact will be had by the following minerals: diamond, turquoise, corals, carnelian, red opal, lazurite, citrine. It is better for Arieses to carry a ring with a stone charm on a forefinger.

2. Especially strong stones are not recommended to little bodies. To representatives of this zodiac sign there correspond stones: aventurine, agate, aquamarine, amazonite, lazurite, opal, rose quartz, sapphire and tiger's eye. Mineral of special force for Tauruses is carnelian. The charm in the form of a ring needs to be carried on a middle finger.

3. Twins for feed of vital harmony will be suitable such minerals as agate, diamond, amethyst, beryl, rhinestone, pearls, an emerald, nephrite, pyrite, sapphire, topaz, amber and a jasper. Special attention should be paid on topaz. Twins should carry a ring mascot on a ring finger.

4. To crayfish good luck will be brought by aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, rhinestone, pearls, an emerald, a moonstone, nephrite, carnelian and tiger's eye. Chalcedony has the largest force. It is better for Cancers to wear charms and mascots in the form of a ring on a little finger.

5. Lions should pay attention to such stones as aventurine, diamond, beryl, malachite, nephrite, onyx, opal, sapphire, carnelian, tiger's eye, topaz, chrysolite and citrine. For Lviv minerals amber and a jasper are considered as the most powerful.

6. Maidens as mascots can use aventurine, agate, turquoise, rhinestone, a moonstone, corals, opal, carnelian, tiger's eye, nephrite and a jasper. Once you pay special attention to such stones, emeralds and sapphires. Maidens need to carry mascots rings on a middle finger.

7. For Scales happy mascots are products from agate, aquamarine, diamond, amethyst, rhinestone, a Labrador, a moonstone, a coral, nephrite, sapphire, carnelian, a falcon eye, opal and citrine. Beryl is considered the most powerful charm. Rings charms which rush on a ring finger will bring to Scales good luck.

8. Scorpions as mascots should use such stones as aventurine, alexandrite, almandine, beryl, turquoise, hematite, garnet, pearls, quartz horsehair worm, a coral, a cat's eye, a Labrador, onyx, opal fiery, a ruby, sapphire and carnelian. Special force for this sign amethyst has. It is better for Scorpions to carry a charm in the form of a ring on a little finger.

9. Sagittariuses as mascots will be served by such minerals as agate, almandine, beryl, garnet, an emerald, a coral, a pyrope, a ruby, a falcon eye, tiger's eye, topaz, epidot and amber. The hyacinth is especially strong. It is necessary to carry a ring with a stone charm to Sagittariuses on a forefinger.

10. For the Capricorn alexandrite, amethyst, hematite, rhinestone, garnet, pearls, a Labrador, a moonstone, malachite, onyx, opal, a pyrope, a ruby, carnelian, serpentine, a falcon eye and tiger's eye are considered as stones charms. Chrysoprase has special force. Capricorns need to carry a ring with a stone keeper on a middle finger.

11. To Aquariuses such minerals will become excellent assistants: amethyst, turquoise, pearls, coral, nephrite, obsidian, carnelian, sapphire, topaz and jasper. Special attention should be paid to rhinestone. Rings as charms and mascots should be carried on a ring finger.

12. To fishes good luck and wellbeing will be brought by such stones as beryl, turquoise, a jade, pearls, a moonstone, opal, selenit, carnelian, topaz, chrysolite, chrysoprase and epidot. Special force for Fishes sapphire has. Fishes need to carry a ring mascot on a little finger.

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