How it is correct to glue a film on phone?

How it is correct to glue a film on phone?

Protective cover - a great way to keep the screen of modern gadgets in integrity. It protects it from small scratches and damages of the sensor at accidental falling of the device. However, that the film laid down exactly without bubbles, when gluing it is necessary to observe some recommendations.

How it is correct to glue a protective film?

For this purpose correctly to paste a film, it is important to be exact and to show extreme accuracy. Before passing to this important process, it is necessary to choose the clean room without dust. Also in it there should not be drafts. For such works the bathroom is considered ideal. The sticker needs to be carried out clean hands to exclude emergence of fat fingerprints.

Besides, it is necessary to know how it is correct to glue a film without formation of bubbles. To avoid such undesirable manifestation, you make smoothing of each pasted millimeter. It will prevent penetration of air between the surface of the screen and a film.

How it is correct to glue a protective film on the smartphone?

  1. Prepare the surface of the gadget: wipe it with the special napkin intended for care for liquid crystal monitors.
  2. Get a film from packing, attentively examine it. On it there have to be protective stickers stickers having number 1 and 2.
  3. Then it is necessary to separate the first layer of protection somewhere on the one fifth part. Impose this element on the screen and level according to edge.
  4. Accurately separate protective shipping layer No. 1, smoothing a film on a surface by means of fingers or special doctor blades.
  5. After the film covers all surface, it is possible to start removal of a sticker at the second number.
  6. If nevertheless bubbles did not manage to be avoided, try to distil them. Small formations are capable to disappear in use the smartphone.

What to do if you are anxious with a question how it is correct to glue a protective film on the tablet? In this case it is necessary to do all above actions, only with the tablet:

  1. To clean a surface.
  2. To separate a part of a shipping film at the first number, to put it to one of edges of the display.
  3. To continue office, smoothing a film.

How it is correct to glue a protective film?

The protective film, regardless of the producer, serves about a year. At active operation of the device it can demand more frequent replacement. Therefore everyone should learn to glue it, without the aid of professionals.

For this purpose, that the film laid down most exactly, it is necessary to leave an allowance on edge, approximately equal 0.5 millimeters. At exile of bubbles it will be combined closer to edge approximately on this distance.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team