How to treat a dysplasia at the child

How to treat a dysplasia at the child

The dysplasia of coxofemoral joints is the congenital disease arising because during pregnancy the joint of future kid is formed incorrectly. It can happen because of heredity, a viral infection or gynecologic diseases of mother, pelvic presentation of a fruit and other factors. The dysplasia is one of the most widespread orthopedic problems of newborns.


1. The Displastichesky syndrome can be shown by increase in mobility (hyper mobility) in joints of the kid in combination with weak connecting fabric around them. Clinical manifestation of a dysplasia are three forms of violations of articulate departments: hip predislocation, incomplete dislocation and dislocation of a head of a femur. When diagnosing a dysplasia at the child it is extremely important not to miss time: what earlier you will begin treatment with, the result will be better for those. Therefore try to solve problems with coxofemoral joints of the baby on the first year of life.

2. The first inspection of the newborn regarding a dysplasia is performed in maternity hospital. If neonatolog notices its signs, after an extract surely you descend on reception to the orthopedic surgeon. At detection of pathology you will be directed to ultrasonography. This research will help to define degree of a dysplasia depending on which the doctor will appoint the corresponding treatment. It should be noted that by means of ultrasonography it is not always possible to estimate a joint condition authentically since it does not give an idea of arrangement of its elements completely. Therefore at suspicion of a dysplasia or its existence, do not refuse the radiographic research appointed by the orthopedist giving more objective assessment to a condition of joints. Treatment includes free swaddling (or refusal of it in general), plaster bandages and also the removable and fixed taking-away tires. The purpose of use of devices is creation of the most favorable conditions in order that all elements of coxofemoral joints (vertluzhny hollow and a head of a femur) normally developed. In each case the doctor individually determines duration of carrying the tire (it fluctuates from several months to one year).

3. Widely use in treatment of a dysplasia of physiotherapeutic procedure (mud cure, ozokerite, amplipuls, an electrophoresis with calcium and phosphorus on area of coxofemoral joints). In addition to the child appoint physiotherapy exercises and special massage. Remember that only experts have to carry out these procedures. Controlling efficiency of treatment, as a rule, conduct ultrasonographies.

4. Know that if conservative treatment does not yield effective results, operation will be necessary for the child (sometimes them it will be required a little). The essence of surgery consists in reposition of a head of a femur and restoration of anatomic compliance of elements of a coxofemoral joint. Operation is followed by recovery treatment with use of massage, physiotherapy exercises, physical therapy and also application of necessary physical activity.

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