How to accustom a dog to go to a toilet

How to accustom a dog to go to a toilet

The joy of emergence in the house of a puppy or adult dog is soon saddened by a type of puddles and small groups on a floor or a carpet. In spite of the fact that dogs are clever animals, to accustom them to a toilet quite difficult. Here it is necessary to show improbable patience, not to break, not to beat an animal. Who needs the intimidated canine friend?


1. An adult dog it is necessary at once to accustom to suffer of need till certain o'clock of walk. And little puppies so often pisat what to walk on 10 times a day will not turn out therefore it is more convenient if they do it in a tray for dogs to which it is necessary to accustom puppies.

2. That the adult dog acquired that it is possible to go to a toilet only on the street, take the rag moistened with its urine and hang up in the yard on a bush, or put nearby. When the animal during walk guesses a familiar smell, will empty a bladder on this rag. It is necessary to stroke a dog, to praise and give delicacy.

3. It is necessary to walk the pet strictly at the same time after feeding, then it will develop a reflex, and the dog will suffer before walk.

4. Very stubborn dogs can be tied on a lead in the apartment. Under itself it will not begin to spoil and it is possible to sustain time before walk. And over time the animal will get used to go to a toilet only on the street.

5. With puppies the situation is more difficult. At once after its emergence in the house, it is necessary not to miss the first urination and to moisten with urine a rag, and then to allow to smell to a puppy and to put in a tray. For kobelk it is necessary to use a tray for dogs with a column. On it and to hang up a wet rag.

6. From the first the kid will not understand that want from him therefore this ritual needs to be repeated again and again, yet it will not be possible to accustom a puppy to a toilet in a certain place. And it is also necessary to remove all carpets the room where equipped the place for the pet. If he makes on a carpet a puddle though once, then the smell of urine will provoke it to do dirt here again.

7. It is very difficult for little clumsy puppy to get used to the small space reserved for a tray. Therefore it is necessary to lay papers or a diaper a little bigger space and gradually to reduce it.

8. It is possible to add the following to all aforesaid. When the dog wants in a toilet, she begins to worry, whine. So she lets know to the owner that it would be time and to walk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team