How to achieve a divorce

How to achieve a divorce

Sometimes happens so that there are no family, love human relations for a long time, but one of spouses for any reasons does not agree to a divorce. How it is possible to achieve divorce?


1. Try to agree nevertheless with the former spouse in an amicable way. The family will be destroyed anyway, but at the consent of both spouses the document can be processed in the REGISTRY OFFICE, without bringing the matter to court. Submit the application, pay the state fee and expect issue of the certificate on divorce. If the document confirming marriage was lost, it will be necessary to receive the duplicate in advance.

2. The official termination of existence of family in our country does not require the consent of both spouses. If your second half refuses a divorce, appeal to court. According to Article 22 of the Family Code, the public authority can nullify your marriage if further family life is impossible.

3. Be ready that the court will meet requirements of you not at once. Usually officials appoint three-months term in order that spouses could reconcile. During this time you can collect proofs that you cannot live in marriage any more. If one of spouses drinks or makes scandals, certificates of neighbors and militia protocols will help. A sufficient reason for a divorce is also adultery. Morally prepare that in court it is necessary to sort very personal records, similar processes take away many forces and nerves. A marriage will also be dissolved if the husband or the wife is absent without the known reasons, is in prison or is incapacitated.

4. It is much heavier to achieve a divorce if in family there are children. As a rule, the court leaves the child with mother if she can provide it and does not lead an immoral life. In practice the court can support the father if he proves that the former spouse does not love the child and does not want to care for it. The court with assistance of tutorship and guardianship authorities will define with whom there will live the child and how often the second parent can see it.

5. Thus, you have the right to dissolve a hated marriage and to change the life to the best. Be patient and persistent, try to obtain the fair decision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team