Why the child does not sleep at night

Why the child does not sleep at night

Young parents usually consider that small children the most part of day have to sleep. This belief is right only in relation to the first 2-3 months of life of the kid when he confuses day with a night. But the problem of a bad dream unsettling parents can arise again and again. To establish the reasons of it often happens not easy.


1. Remember what life you led during pregnancy. In the last 2 months at the kid who is in a maternal womb a certain mode of a dream and rest is formed. If you, being a pregnant woman, late went to bed, were active and active or worked before the childbirth, then and the child could have a habit to fall asleep late or to have a rest a little during the day.

2. If during pregnancy you joined ranks of lovers of night meals, the child could adapt to the fact that food arrives at an inopportune time. As a result such children cannot sustain long breaks between feedings at night. Having woken up from hunger, they can shout to a hysterics until they are fed. Kind of you wanted to have a sleep with pleasure, do not forget that cancellation of night feedings can become the reason of disappearance of milk as night lactation provides production of prolactin which is responsible for production of milk.

3. The straw or grass mattresses valuable from the point of view of orthopedists, nevertheless, can become the reason of bad night sleep of the child. Their contents strongly rustle when the kid moves, thereby disturbing him. In wet diapers the increased temperature is created during sleep. Overheating becomes the reason of an uneasy dream of the child.

4. Attentively observe the kid if you eliminated all points, negative for a dream, but the child still does not sleep at night. Intestinal gripes can torment him. To produce the collected gases, lift the kid vertically and massage his tummy. Besides, do not allow emergence of the problems having neurologic character. Having noticed strangenesses in behavior of the child, surely show it to the expert.

5. The reasons of a bad dream can carry as well emotional character. This problem often meets in families where parents work much and appear at home how the child fell asleep. Having heard a voice of the father or mother through a sleepiness, the child begins to demand communication with them. Over time night wakefulnesses become a habit as the child knows that only this way he can enjoy proximity with the beloved parent.

6. If in the afternoon you create to the child ideal conditions for a long dream, well well-rested kid will be awake the most part of night. Do not adapt to the child, and you transfer him to the correct mode, every time putting the kid to bed for 20-30 minutes later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team