4 ways to reduce noise level in the apartment

4 ways to reduce noise level in the apartment

What to do if noise gets into the apartment not only from the street through windows, but also from neighbors through adjacent walls? With solution of the problem of noise isolation modern materials will help.

The noise isolation in the apartment has to be carried out in a complex if you ignore at least one small site, foreign sounds will be able easily to get through it into your dwelling. 

1 way

Good tie of floor

Put any cracks, slots and floor openings, for example, the same mineral wool. After that 

the cement screed is carried out, then the pith substrate about 2 centimeters thick gives all the best on the floor basis. If height of ceilings nevertheless allows to use frame method of sound insulation, then on pith substrate logs between which noise-insulating material is put are screwed then the design from above is sewn up with plywood on which the floor covering gives all the best. It is ready. After that neither you, nor neighbors will be able to complain of noise from below.

2 way

Ceiling sound insulation

Qualitative sound insulation of the apartment does not do without works on ceiling. Many people consider that in such cases it is the best of all to use false ceiling, but in fact the bigger result will be yielded by tension design. At the same time it is necessary to attach plates of fiber glass or mineral wool to the main ceiling that will allow to enhance effect even more. 

3 way

Consolidation of walls

Attentively examine each wall. Even small slots or cracks need to be closed up. Experts advise slot in brick wall to close polyurethane foam, and then to putty. — to stick small crack in plaster with cullets and to cover with putty. The most effective noise isolation is combined. For its creation it is required to use two various materials. For example, on plates from mineral wool to fix the soundproofing membrane. Then to close everything gypsum cardboard. This reception will give very good effect.

4 way

Change of windows and doors

Double-glazed windows will help to get rid of street noise: save special windows with threefold packages. If it is not enough, then it is possible to execute glazing by two rows of windows with double packages. Also advise to apply special signature film, transparent, to gluing on glass, it is so possible to lower the resonant phenomena in glass at low frequencies. Pay attention that for sound insulation it is better if internal glass is in threefold double-glazed window not strictly in the middle. Frame — the more thickly, the better. Rubber sealants have to adjoin and not have densely damages. Will help to level noise from entrance two massive outer doors. The inside door is often upholstered, and external steel is filled with expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam or special structures. 

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