How to revet the base

How to revet the base

The base is basis of the house. It is necessary to take care of its finishing very carefully. Shops of construction materials are ready to offer you large number of finishing for external works. Choosing material necessary to you, keep in mind the general style of the house.

It is required to you

  • - drainage pillow;
  • - plaster.


1. At first you need to process blind area. Remove 20-25 centimeters of the earth and lay the drainage pillow consisting of sand and crushed stone. Fill in 15 centimeters of concrete, let's it stiffen. From above add three centimeters of asphalt, such covering has to have inclination. On perimeter path through each two meters do expansion seams, it will prevent surface break. Lay in these seams of strip of vinyl or any other elastic material.

2. After that it is necessary to plaster socle. The cement and limy plaster coat will level and will strengthen surface. You can add softener to mix, it will increase water-repellent effect of solution. That the facing layer was stronger, on brick and concrete surface fix the metal gauze, and over it put plaster. For increase in waterproofing smear all surface with bituminous lubricant, you can cover socle with roofing material layer.

3. To decorate exterior of the base, it needs to be processed. The cheapest and simple option is to paint building support suitable color. By means of plastic and uniform paint of dense consistence it is possible to decorate the base originally. Apply with splashes paint on wall, stick trace contours of stones. The only minus of such facing – fragility.

4. It is possible to trim socle also with natural stone, it looks very beautifully, but costs much. Such facing has high protective properties. To fix stones, prepare armored lattice, pegs from tree and hooks. Only glue will not be able long to hold such heavy covering.

5. Pay attention to siding. It is made on the basis of polyvinylchloride. Such plates very easy, strong and durable. Besides, the siding has the wide range of drawings and the invoice. Sheets fasten galvanized nails through 15 centimeters from each other to wood furring. Do not press the panel too strongly to each other.

6. The panels imitating natural materials it is much easier to fix, than stone. Pick up color and texture of surface of finishing that they were combined with material of which the house is built.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team