How to prepare blackcurrant for the winter

How to prepare blackcurrant for the winter

In the middle of the summer on a personal plot blackcurrant berries begin to ripen. It has rather small period of collecting and ripe fruits can begin to be showered. Therefore it is necessary to take care and choose the necessary way of preparation of blackcurrant for the winter in time.

Blackcurrant for the winter can be prepared in several ways. It well is exposed to thermal influence and keeps useful vitamins and minerals. Blackcurrant is very rich with vitamin C and promotes increase in level of hemoglobin in blood.

Blackcurrant jam

For preparation of jam pick large and mature berries which sort, delete from them rotten and struck and also too small.

Then, the selected berries are washed and blanched in the boiling water of 1-2 min., and then cooled with cold water. After small drying of berry of blackcurrant fill in with syrup. For this purpose also 2 glasses of water will be required on 1 kg of berries of 1.5 kg of sugar.

Further cook on weak fire until ready in one step. After cooling display in banks and close covers.

Blackcurrant compote

Mature and dense berries are ideal for preparation of compote. They are washed, delete damaged and displayed on banks. Then blackcurrant fill in with a sugar syrup in the ratio on 1 liter of water 1 glass of sugar. Banks cover with covers and will sterilize. Many are frightened by not really beautiful color of compote as berries boil soft, but its gustatory qualities very good.

The blackcurrant wiped with sugar

Excessive acidity and high content of sugar allow to prepare fresh blackcurrant without cooking and pasteurization. Very good way is the currant berries wiped with sugar. For this purpose berries select and wash. It is obligatory to dry up in order to avoid fermentation. Berries mix with sugar and carefully fray until sugar isn't dissolved in juice. For repulping it is possible to use a colander or to turn everything in the meat grinder. Ratio of berries and sugar 1:2. Then, the turned-out mix is displayed on banks and closed covers or parchment paper. It is possible store the blackcurrant wiped with sugar in the fridge, a cellar or the dry basement.

Besides all these widespread ways of preparation of blackcurrant for the winter it is possible to freeze or dry up also its berries for further use. For freezing of berry wash out, dry up from water and display on packages. Then place in the fridge freezer. And it is possible to dry in the natural way in the sun or in special dryers. Store such berries in dry and dark places. It is possible to use for preparation of tea in the winter.

All know therefore it was necessary only to learn to keep its useful properties for the winter period of time about usefulness of blackcurrant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team