7 plants - assistants in garden

7 plants - assistants in garden

Flowers and leaves of some plants frighten off mean insects and attract useful. It is easy to grow up these plants, they are true allies of gardeners.


- excellent herbicide

Latin name: Artemisia. Put at foot of bushes of large perennials, at currant to limit distribution of weeds. Different types of wormwood contain substance artemisinin which gets into top soil. This substance blocks germination of seeds and considerably limits growth of plants. Other plants - herbicides: sage, oregano, thyme. But Artemisia absinthium grade wormwood so strong that it is impossible to put it near roses and vegetables. 

Fennel – nectar for useful insects

Latin name: Anethum graveolens Some wreckers are destroyed by larvae of useful insects - God's cows, flies-zhurchalki, lacewings …

Females of these insects need food to lay eggs. They eat nectar and pollen of such plants as fennel and also thistle family and mint family (coriander, dudnik)

Budley – the house for wasps

Latin name: Buddleja. Budley it is used as green hedge or for decoration of flower bed. Of course, purple brushes of budlea attract many butterflies. But their stalks can be useful. In hollow of this tree like to arrange slots some species of wasps destroying larvae of wreckers.

Nasturtium - real trap for plant louse

Latin name : Tropæolum majus

Seed nasturtium along kitchen garden or under plants which are susceptible to plant louse. The nasturtium attracts to itself plant louse, saving the next plants.

Spinach - the next benefit

Latin name: Spinacia oleracea

Sow ranks of spinach between ranks of vegetables of family of cruciferae family (cabbage, turnip, cress) to struggle with flea beetles. Roots of spinach emit substances which promote growth and strengthening of resistance to parasites of the plants growing nearby. Spinach can be also used as green fertilizer in garden (siderata).

Marigold - bait for cabbage scoops

Latin name : Calendula arvensis

Sow ranks between vegetables of family of cruciferae family.

Huge marigold - against nematodes

Latin name: Tagetes minuta

Put on edge of beds with tomatoes. Roots of these marigold emit the substances active against nematodes which remain in the soil within three more years. Do not allow marigold to form seeds. They very quickly to extend on all garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team