Advantages and shortcomings of stretch ceilings

Advantages and shortcomings of stretch ceilings

In modern construction practice widely stretch ceilings began to be applied recently. Their appeal is explained by availability of large amount of merits.

During repair each person wishes to diversify interior of the dwelling. Application of false ceilings allows to embody the most courageous design decisions. It can be material with any drawing – from the star sky to pictures, landscapes.

Structurally stretch ceiling represents rather dense film of PVC tense on special framework. The surface of film can be opaque or glossy. The color gamma can be any. Thanks to number of merits, similar ceilings have found extensive application. Here it is possible to allocate the following:

  • The stretch ceiling possesses very effective look – it is possible to realize any design decision.
  • The ceiling from film of PHV closes all shortcomings of the existing ceiling and labor-consuming preparatory activities do not need additional.
  • The ceiling is very quickly mounted – no more than 5 hours if to involve specialists of the firms specializing in false ceilings.
  • The stretch ceiling by the nature is eco-friendly since the film having all modern quality standards is applied. If the new film also has smell, then it keeps several days as well as at any new thing.
  • Such ceiling does not avoid damp, mold and can save expensive furniture of owners at the most critical moment if neighbors from above have water leak.
  • The stretch ceiling easily washes with the help of wet rag.
  • If the ceiling has been wetted because of leakages from above, after water pumping out it is easily brought to initial state.
  • The durability can also be referred to pluses. Since stretch ceilings in our practice are known not so long ago, to precisely define their maximum life cycle quite difficult.

At all mentioned merits the stretch ceilings have the minuses to which it is possible to carry: the considerable price which fell lately, but nevertheless remains quite high. It is explained by the fact that the qualitative ceiling demands use of expensive materials and involvement of qualified specialists. Shortcomings:

  • The ceiling film, though quite strong, but very much is afraid of the pricking and cutting objects – it is always necessary to remember it.
  • The film has limited width therefore almost all ceilings have connection seams which are, however, difficult distinguishable and do not spoil overall picture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team