All about grapes: how to look after

All about grapes: how to look after

Grapes — the plant is more ancient. Scientists-historians in general believe that the homo sapiens and grapes have appeared approximately in at one time, during Mesozoic era. Certainly, people could not remain indifferent to so tasty and useful culture and with pleasure improved skills of care for it.

The value of grapes consists in combination of useful and dietary properties to variety of taste. Berries of grapes contain ascorbic acid, mineral substances, carotene, organic acids, glucose, fructose, group B vitamins, phytoncides and pectin.

Conditions for disembarkation

Grapes — plant which development in many respects depends on the sun and heat. Moisture it is required to it not really a little as the developed root system intensively absorbs moisture from the soil. Rainy weather is good prior to blossoming, and later can damage to origin of berries. For this culture clay and stony soils with high content of salts are unsuitable. But chernozem soils with the average content of acids and alkalis are favorable.

Necessary tools

For care for landings shovels will be necessary for the beginning wine-grower for preparation of holes under saplings, pitchfork for scattering of humus and scarification, various secateurs and scissors, hacksaws for removal of the thickest branches, inoculative knives. For fertilizer and watering in economy buckets, barrels for water upholding, scoops or kitchen buckets which have served century, hoses, sieve for sifting of chemicals, sprayers will be necessary.

Works from January to April

In winter months the gardeners carry out snow retention, as necessary covering bushes with small branches and brushwood and filling up them with snow. Prepare garden stock for spring, check whether it is rather reserved by new season of chemicals and fertilizers. And already at the beginning of February, especially on neukryvny vineyards, begin to cut off old branches and to tie up the fallen rods. Prepare the earth for landing of new bushes in the early spring, cut shanks and land them in small greeneries or boxes the soil and sand. To save garden from sudden frosts the gardeners prepare smoke grenades and heaps of straw. In parallel with this work in garden process the soil and introduce in it fertilizers with simultaneous watering. In the spring in the soil bring ashes, bird's dung, manure and nitrogen fertilizers for growth.

What to do in May and June

At the end of May the gardeners finish nipping of escapes before blossoming and landing of shanks, break off excess escapes and spray bushes from oidium and mildew – false and real mealy dew. In June carry out to fragment of escapes and extra root fertilizing by nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers and microelements again, water bushes with the chicken dung and manure divorced and rewandering two weeks.

Care for grapes in July — September

In the summer gardeners continue to process bushes for prevention of diseases, excess stepsons and leaves delete, tie up clusters that they did not adjoin to the earth. To get rid of slugs in garden during wet weather display plywood plates for bait and drive in the earth of container with beer and sweet tea. At the end of summer or the beginning of September the most pleasant – harvesting begins. Part goes on compotes, jam, marinades, churchkhela, wine. Grapes, suitable for storage, are stacked in fridges. And after harvesting the bushes cut off, saplings and shanks prepare for storage.

We prepare bushes for winter

Late fall gardeners dig out saplings, dig over the soil and bring in it manure. On ukryvny vineyards close bushes dry grass, the earth and organic materials. If the summer and early autumn were rather dry, carry out prewinter watering.

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