Arches for hotbed: versions, way of assembly

Arches for hotbed: versions, way of assembly

To make hotbed, it is necessary to use metal or PVC arches. The last can be bent by means of the assembly hair dryer. The tool should be adjusted on temperature equal to limit in 180 °.

As framework for hotbed it is possible to use plastic or steel arches. The principle of their fastening is similar and consists in preparation of stakes.

Principle of assembly of metal arches

If have decided to use as armature for the greenhouse metal arches, then them it is necessary to take in finished form as to bend pipes independently difficult, and it is possible to make it in the conditions of giving only with application of special installation.

Previously it is necessary to prepare box for hotbed. For this purpose it is possible to use wood or brick. Wood is mounted on similarity of timbering for filling of the base. It is necessary to arrive also with brick by means of which it is possible to create box without bottom that will have appearance of rectangular or square protection.

Further in box it is possible to fill soil. Preparation of fastening for arches will become the following step. For this purpose on external perimeter of box it is necessary to hammer pegs which section has to be such that it was possible to put on steel pipe them. Pegs from tree can be replaced with metal rods between which distance should not be more than 1 meter. Over the surface of soil the stakes have to act on 30 cm or more. Now it is possible to pass to assembly of framework. For what steel arches should be put on stakes. If not too dimensional hotbed is equipped, then it will be necessary to record from above one rod going along design. Its fastening can be made by means of welding. At arrangement of big hotbed the quantity of arches can be increased. In the conclusion the framework should be covered with polyethylene or cellular polycarbonate, the last option is most successful for metal arches.

Principle of assembly of plastic arches

In case with plastic pipes which are used as arches at arrangement of hotbed it is possible to perform works a little differently. As similar arches are less strong in comparison with steel, it is possible not to make arrangement of box. It is possible to prepare the basis for such hotbed which will have the smaller sizes in comparison with the aforesaid by method of initial dredging. Trench depth for hotbed has to be equal to limit in 20-25 cm. Later in trench it is necessary to lay drainage as which haydite or filling brick can act, the imported chernozem will become the following layer. If it is going to equip more capital hotbed, then it is possible to equip the base to which the stakes executed from armature are mounted. Continuous footing will be suitable for such option of fastening of support. For arrangement of concrete bed it is necessary to dig out trench on perimeter of future hotbed, to equip it with timbering, to lay pillow from sand and crushed stone, and after to fill in concrete, having built in in it support from armature which have to tower over surface. After finding it is possible to establish by concrete of durability tubas from PVC on stakes, having closed hotbed film.

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