As black pepper grows

As black pepper grows

Black pepper is called quite often "Malabarsky berry". It represents itself(himself) treelike liana which belongs to extensive family of peppery. Grows in the forest, twisting with itself trees.


1. The liana of black pepper has the name "Piper nigrum" and in length reaches sometimes 6 m. In the wild nature high trees become support for it, and on plantations it let to grow on special props boards. As a result of forming and leaving, black pepper presents on plantations itself the climbing bush and in height can reach 15 m. Leaves of pepper they have length from 8 to 10 cm, brilliant, rigid and leathery, ovoid form and gray-green color. Black pepper small white florets which are collected in the hanging-down brushes or clusters blossoms. After the end of blossoming the cluster of round fruits which at first green color and soft, then harden is formed and blacken or turn yellow. Ripe fruits of black pepper are the stone fruit with firm cover, spherical shape having burning taste both in fresh and in the dried-up state. Essential oils from them disappear at the wrong storage. On pepper direct sunshine should not get and store it better in the closed ware.

2. Consumption of black pepper is useful for people with cardiovascular diseases as has ability to dilute blood and to clean vessels. It is very good seasoning to meat and fish dishes, and also to some vegetables. Black pepper is grown up on plantations in Brazil, on Sri Lanka, in Java, Sumatra and Borneo, the main exporter of black pepper on the market is Sumatra now. Black pepper begins to fructify for 3-4 year after landing, and growth it on some plantations is limited initially, and it does not exceed 5-6 m. All three types of pepper, acquaintances in our strip as seasonings, receive just seeing - both white, and black, and green. Begin to pick pepper when fruits buy it reddish color, then, in the course of drying, pepper shrinks and blackens. High-quality black pepper has to be dark, firm and heavy. There is for this purpose the ancient measure qualities - 1000 seeds of pepper have to weigh exactly 460 gr. Immature fruits of black pepper in many tropical countries preserve in salt and vinegar, in this marinade they find gentle and delicate aroma.

3. As well as all thermophilic tropical plants, black pepper are very much not loved by cold snap and at temperature less than 10 wasps already perishes. Therefore to grow up it in the conditions of midland rather difficult. Frosts will ruin pepper instantly, and it will not be possible to save such plant any more. The peppery liana can grow in the apartment on windowsill if enough sunlight and places is it. The plant very hygrophilous also does not take out overdrying of the soil around the roots. Choose for cultivation of pepper protected from direct sunshine, but light windowsill. It is possible to multiply pepper seeds, shanks and layers, and in certain cases - division of bush from root.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team