As it is beautiful to make up in 15 minutes

As it is beautiful to make up in 15 minutes

for make-up there is just not enough time. But if the important meeting is necessary, it is just necessary to look good, appearance - 80% of success. Besides for achievement of optimum result a lot of time is not required.

It is required to you

  • - Cotton pads - Tonic - the Moisturizing cream - Foundation - Blush - Shadows of neutral shade - Ink - Hygienic lipstick with pigment - Powder - Brushes and sponges


  1. Before putting cosmetics the face needs to be degreased. For this purpose wipe skin with tonic. Duration: 1 min.
  2. Moistening - guarantee of equal tone. Use the moisturizing cream suitable your type of skin. Duration: 1 min.
  3. Let's cream be absorbed a little and put tone means. To do make-up by sponge much quicker. Move from the center of the person to edges. The equal tone will make the person well-groomed even if you will use make-up minimum. Duration: 3 min.
  4. Recover the person blush. Smile or pull in cheeks and apply means on apples of cheeks. Shade finger-tips. The procedure will give to the face expressiveness and vivacity. Duration: 2 min.
  5. Apply shadows on mobile eyelid and on external third of lower eyelid. Accurately pound finger-tips. Small flaws of make-up will be imperceptible with neutral color of shadows, and after this procedure your eyes will get depth. Duration: 3 min.
  6. Apply ink with zigzag movements - from roots to tips. If time is not enough, leave the lower eyelashes not made up. Ink will give to completeness to image. Duration: 2 min.
  7. Make up lips hygienic lipstick with pigment. It is really irreplaceable thing. Unlike usual lipstick, it does not dry lip. Unlike gloss, color keeps longer. And cost of such lipstick small. The gentle shade does not demand careful drawing and planimetric pencil. It is possible to use hygienic lipstick even without mirror. Duration: 1 min.
  8. The remained couple of minutes leaves on final strokes. It is possible to powder face to get rid of greasy luster, to comb and smooth eyebrows, to cover heat-spots. Duration: 2 min. The make-up is ready! You look is well-groomed, but is not vulgar. Imperfections are hidden, and expressive features are emphasized. The make-up will be suitable for business meeting or day issue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team