As it is correct to apply foundation in the flying

As it is correct to apply foundation in the flying

is cosmetic which forms basis for make-up. He hides small shortcomings of skin, protects skin from changeable weather, wind, the sun, rain, change of temperatures.

Foundation for flying

When choosing foundation the main criterion is the type of your skin. It is also necessary to pay attention to composition of cream: whether you have allergy to its components. Do not forget that the summer make-up includes pastel tone, bronze and orange shades. Powder-bronzator will become the good choice for you for the summer. You will always have ideal shade of suntan even if for any reasons you cannot be in the sun.

The vegetable oils which are part of foundation are quickly absorbed, without forming film on face, and promote narrowing of time. Such types of creams are easily perceived by skin. If you have oily skin, with such choice it is necessary to be more careful. Foundation has to be imperceptible, especially in the flying. Otherwise your person will look carelessly.

If you have dry skin, then at this time it is necessary to give preference to the water-based creams having small texture and containing sun-protection filters. Such foundation will allow skin to breathe.

During the summer period the skin becomes oily and that the make-up was ideal, it is necessary to understand that one foundation not to solve problems. The face cream regulating release of grease secretion is necessary.

Cunnings of putting foundation

Apply cream basis to the cleaned face skin. It is desirable to apply foundation, having waited at least for minutes twenty. To understand how your skin on the street will look, it is better to put tonalka at daylight or brought closer to it. Depending on lighting the shade looks differently. Tone and any other cream from the center to the periphery is shaded, without stretching skin at all. If you use liquid foundation, it is better to apply it with fingertips, kind of softly driving in into skin. If for drawing make-up you use sponge sponge, it is better to moisten a little it with water, and then to apply cream. Do you use brush? It is better to buy such tool from artificial material. Than you imposed to yourself make-up, the main thing not to go too far in quantity. Instead of the well-groomed person you can gain effect of mask. It is necessary to remember also hygiene of hands and not to forget, of course, about purity of brush or sponge. All this easily washes warm water with soap. If it happened that the shade acquired by you is a little more dark than that which is necessary to you, simply mix it with your day cream. Surely you watch that after drawing tone means the difference between color of neck and face was minimum. Ideally it should not be at all. Upon foundation purchase if doubts have appeared, consult with the expert. And, of course, you should not calculate that everything will hide foundation. If you have serious problems with skin, it is better to address the dermatologist or the cosmetologist.

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