As it is correct to grow up sectional grade of fennel ""Alligator"

As it is correct to grow up sectional grade of fennel ""Alligator"

Experienced gardeners know if fennel good, means the soil is fertile. Therefore it is necessary to bring by preparation of bed under it enough humus.


1. Try to seed it dry seeds in the early spring on crust or late in the fall. At the same time do not forget that he prefers neutral soils (it is necessary to lime under the previous culture), and here on sour does not want to grow at all.

2. Alligator - late-ripening sectional grade. It well is suitable for receiving magnificent greens on condition of appropriate care. One of the main distinctive features of sectional fennel - the stepsons who are growing up in bosoms of leaves. Therefore at careful leaving the whole dill bush 1.5-2 m high turns out. In midland it is the most rational to grow up sectional fennel in the greenhouse. It is necessary to seed there it as soon as weather allows though even in March. By the time of landing of constant culture you will be able already to reap the harvest.

3. It is possible to grow up it and through seedling: seeds sow at once in 200-gram glasses (3-5 pieces in everyone) or randomly in separate capacity. Dill seedlings well postpone sword-play at the age of 2-3 real leaflets (10-14 days). On the constant place seedling with lump of the earth is planted at the age of 35-40 days with 5-7 real leaves and 10-15 cm high.

4. When plants begin to form floriferous escape, it is better to cut off it. At sectional fennel the seeds seldom ripen even in the greenhouse, and its removal will strengthen growth of side branches.

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