As it is correct to make mounting of grounding in the house

As it is correct to make mounting of grounding in the house

Electric current apply grounding to protection of the person against defeat. Application of grounding is relevant when using washing machines, electrowater heaters, fridges and other household appliances. Fault can arise in any household appliance and the body of the device can appear energized. Mounting of grounding consists in performance of electrical connection of the body of the electric device with the earth.

It is required to you

  • Steel corner, sledge hammer, shovel, welding machine, steel strip, copper wire.


1. Near the house it will be necessary to choose the place where grounding will be established. The distance to the house has to be minimum. It influences resistance of ground wires.

2. Shovel dig out three poles, depth of pole of 50 cm. It is possible to dig triangle or in one row. Distance between poles not less than 1.2 meters. Dig through between poles of trench of the same depth. All three poles have to connect among themselves.

3. Hammer with sledge hammer into triangle corners three steel corners that they acted from the earth on 15 cm. It will be electrodes. Corners have to be long not less than 2 meters. The size of corner is 50 by 50 mm, thickness is 3.5 mm. That it was easier hammered corners it is possible to sharpen. As electrodes it is possible to use pipe or any metal section with a section not less than 150 mm2 and not less than 3.5 mm thick.

4. Connect corners among themselves steel strip 40 mm wide, thickness of 2-4 mm. Connection is carried out only by welding.

5. Further we bring grounding to the house, using the same steel strip. In the house we do transition from strip to flexible wire by means of bolted connection. The copper wire with a section of 10 mm2 will approach. Connect other end of wire to the electric cabinet body to the grounding terminal. It is necessary for grounding of all electric devices that the electrical wiring in the house has been executed by cable from three wires - phase wire, zero conductor and grounding. If the electrical wiring is executed by two wires, then grounding can be brought to one most important electric device.

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