How to sew footwear for dogs

How to sew footwear for dogs

Dogs, especially small, to puppies and sleek-haired breeds, need walks footwear, exhibitions, even for the house; not to catch a cold, to soil a paw, not to be wounded and just to look extravagant. The trouble is that many continue to consider clothes and footwear for pets not need, but a whim of owners, luxury. It creates high price level on goods of this sort. But you can sew footwear for your dog independently.

It is required to you

  • piece of dense, but soft fabric (baize, cotton), a felt insole (such are on sale in shoe stores, workshops and even in some booths), a piece of skin (it is possible artificial) or the rubberized fabric.


1. Take measurements of a dog. Put her paw on the sheet of paper and slightly press from above, circle around a paw with claws a circle, almost closely. Usually forepaws it is slightly more back therefore take measurements of both pairs of paws. You will cut out diameter of a sole with a stock on allowances. Further measure height from a floor to a carpal joint, height from a floor to top of an estimated product, paw thickness in the widest place.

2. Now be engaged in patterns. The sole is already almost found, recede from diameter of a paw of half-centimeter outside and cut out a circle for back and for a forepaw. For a top draw a rectangle at which length equals to footwear height (too we stock 1-2 cm) and width – diameter of a paw in the widest place. Do not forget to make marks which will designate where there are carpal and skakatelny joints.

3. Cut out patterns and transfer them to fabric, fix by sewing pins or needles, and then cut out fabric. Make patterns of a sole in addition of leather or rubber and of felt.

4. The wide elastic band will be suitable for fixing of footwear on a dog paw. At the level of a carpal joint is also slightly higher skakatelny make small cuts that you could pass through them an elastic band a drawstring.

5. Prepare soles – sew together leather or rubber, felt and the main fabric. Now you can sew a top in a sole, you can leave a seam outside and process it PVC glue or glue with a rubber tape (for impermeability on street walks), and you can just decorate it – to stitch deliberately rough stitches a color thread. If you hide a seam inside, it is better to sew it to a top that claws did not cling to the roller on a sole.

6. That footwear kept better, it is possible to make fastenings which will be continuation of a lace elastic band from the top drawstring - they will connect through a back. It is possible to decorate with a thin fabric tape or a tape, only short that the dog did not notice it, otherwise will quickly untie.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team