How to choose the soldering station

How to choose the soldering station

Electronics without which any person does not do today has strongly entered our life. And production of modern electronics is based on chips or chips. But, alas, in diverse electronic instruments and the equipment quite often there are breakages. For their elimination it is necessary to have idea of ways of assembly of the equipment. In modern electronics including household, technologies of so-called superficial mounting are used.


1. For this reason for repair of the equipment manufactured on the specified technology it is impossible to do without the special equipment, namely, the soldering station, it is necessary both to seal chips at assembly, and to unsolder in case of necessary repair.

2. Soldering stations are subdivided into assembly and dismantling. First (assembly) represents the normal soldering iron equipped with temperature regulator and the indicator (usually digital) of temperature. Dismantling soldering station consists of assembly, equipped, depending on complexity, number of additional elements.

3. Processes of soldering are subdivided into lead and lead-free. The distinction consists in the difference of heating temperatures, at lead-free soldering it is higher. However at high temperature the probability of damage of contact (next) components and also the chip is higher that it is very undesirable. Therefore give preference to the tool combining "low" temperature with high heat transfer.

4. For optimization of the above-stated parameters in soldering stations two different methods of heating of chips are used: thermoair and infrared (IK). Various types of soldering stations are also founded on these ways.

5. In thermoair stations the contactless soldering is carried out by the so-called hair dryer (open stream of the heated air).

6. Soldering of IK by soldering stations comes from heating coil in the course of the radiation of infrared waves (instead of stream of hot air). The advantage of IK of radiation is that at this mechanism of heat transfer the heat energy is transferred evenly on all surface of the mounted chip. However such stations more expensive are also suitable more for advanced users.

7. The choice of the soldering station depends on the needs for its application. The IK-technology as air stream it is difficult to warm up evenly the plane with considerable linear parameters (repair of the motherboard) is suitable for local repair work more. The thermoair station quite will be suitable for repair of mobile phones.

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