As it is correct to pick currant

As it is correct to pick currant

Currant – the tasty and useful berry which is keeping up in July. From it it is possible to make great compote, fruit jelly, jam and many other things. It is very important to pick correctly this berry depending on specific look.

How to pick currant

For gathering currant it is necessary to use boxes or lots up to four liters. If on your site there is currant of different types, it is necessary to collect at first white and black because brushes of red currant can much longer remain on bushes, without being showered.

Berries of any kind of currant should be picked after maturing, greenish shades have to disappear completely from coloring. Blackcurrant can be collected on separate berries, and it is possible also brushes as not always large clusters ripen at the same time. And here it is better to pick white and red currant by branches. The fact is that the thin skin at berries of these types of currant is much thinner, so, it is easier to crush them, collecting on one.

It is the best of all to put berries in the freezer packages "on one pan of compote". Such practice significantly simplifies life at further cooking.

If you are going to pick berries for transportation and want that they have ripened in way, it is possible to collect the dense fruits which are not up to the end painted in basic color, however, green color in coloring all the same should not be. Full coloring and ripening happens in the course of transportation, however, it should not continue more, than week. The uniformity of maturing of berries on cluster depends on how blossoming lasted long. If it has dragged on for a long time, then fruits will ripen at different times. To level consequences of long blossoming, take care of that illumination of berries at stage of maturing was uniform and rather intensive.

Blackcurrant demands slow defrosting for maintaining taste. So you should not scald it boiled water.

How to store

Within two weeks it is possible to store in the fridge blackcurrant without the actual loss of useful qualities. Red and white currant can be stored for two months at high humidity and temperature about one degree centigrade. You should not wash berries before bookmark in the fridge. If berries were for some reason damp, dry them before bookmark during cold, having decomposed thin layer on table. Choose the correct container for storage of berries - currant has to breathe. Without loss of useful properties black and red currant can be stored in the freezing chamber up to three months. After that the remarkable currant taste remains, and here vitamins, alas, collapse. Best of all to put berries in the deep freeze already cooled.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team