As it is impossible to put bed

As it is impossible to put bed

The arrangement of bed in the room has noticeable impact on dream and health of her owner in general. And it speaks as from the rational point of view when the draft or feeling of vulnerability prevents to sleep to the person, for example, and in terms of Feng shui where free circulation of energy flows is of particular importance. Therefore if the dream does not bring you good rest, you do not hurry to take the strong somnolent drugs. It is possible the thing is that your bed costs not on the place.


1. Do not put bed foot to door at all. It is considered that it is bad sign, thus from the room, as a rule, take out dead men. And rules of Feng shui say that such provision of berth is inadmissible, at night through open door to you bad energy can easily get. If to put bed in a different way there is no opportunity, you can reduce negative impact, closing bedroom door during sleep.

2. It is impossible to put bed headboard to window. The sleeping person is absolutely defenseless and strongly vulnerable. Exactly during sleep he more than ever needs support. According to Feng shui, the window cannot give to the person feeling of safety. Therefore the bed is better to dispose headboard to wall.

3. To put bed it is close to window even if its headboard will be located at wall, it is also not recommended. And business here even not in Feng shui. The cold air proceeding from window can become the cause of cold or more serious disease.

4. Have no bed under hinged cabinets and big chandeliers. These objects can cause in you imperceptible concern and seem for you potential threat. Such experiences can become the cause of insomnia, they will not allow you to relax really.

5. Not the best place for arrangement of bed in the room is also pass between door and window. According to Feng shui, here constantly there is active movement of the various energy disturbing quiet dream.

6. Do not put bed opposite to mirror. This subject is capable to reflect any energy and to direct it back. And the dream is necessary for the person to have a rest and be exempted from information unnecessary it, gloomy thoughts, negative emotions, problems, experiences. The mirror which is opposite to bed will reflect the bad energy which is saved up in day and to send it back to you. As a result you will wake up tired and suppressed.

7. The harmful radiation proceeding from the TV which is close located to bed will also have an adverse effect on your dream and the general state.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team