As the ionizer of ozdukh works

As the ionizer of ozdukh works

In the enclosed space the air ionization rate several times is less optimum, it can do leads to decrease in immunity, fatigue and irritability. Household ionizers change electric the state of charge of air and also promote its cleaning.


1. The majority of household ionizers of air create stream of untied electrons which connect to electrically neutral molecules of oxygen and ionize them. The air saturated with negative ions positively affects health of the person and his vitality.

2. Depending on way of ionization, devices separate into plasma, thermal, ultra-violet, water, elektroefflyuvialny, radium and crown. On electrodes of the elektroafflyuvialny ionizer the high-voltage current under the influence of which electrons begin to be developed moves.

3. On the sharpened metal rods of the ionizer electrons — electric efflyuviya collect. In their interaction with oxygen atoms near electrode negative ions which move from the ionizer are formed. There is stream of the charged particles, it is called still aero ionic wind.

4. Stream force not always speaks about ionization rate. Sometimes at intensive stream this level can be small as electrons and negative ions constantly face and take positive ions and neutral molecules.

5. There are ionizers working by the principle of "ionic wind" and also devices with the integral fan. The first function almost silently, they have low cost, however some note their weak ventilating effect and high exit of ozone. Though the amount of the emitted ozone does not exceed sanitary standards, people, sensitive to it, can have unpleasant feelings.

6. Bipolar ionizers create both negative, and positive ions. It is considered that development negatively and positively charged ions is necessary for optimum indoor climate. However the household appliances working in the room promote formation of large number of positive ions therefore it makes sense to use the bipolar ionizer where there is minimum of devices, for example, in the bedroom or in the nursery.

7. Each ionizer is calculated on service of certain area, in most cases it fluctuates from 10 to 160 sq.m. As a rule, pathogenic bacteria and viruses are loaded positively therefore the air saturated with negative charges neutralizes the harmful microbes living in it. Operation of the ionizer also promotes sedimentation of the dust which is present at the room. As a result air becomes purer, the unpleasant smell disappears, the smoke decreases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team