Care for chrysanthemum in garden in the spring

Care for chrysanthemum in garden in the spring

The chrysanthemum emigrated from China and Japan where it was considered as national flower – all attributes of the imperial power have been decorated with its emblem. Having accustomed to temperate climate, she has received wide popularity also here among gardeners as, despite the unpretentiousness in local severe conditions, the plant gives really imperial beauty and smart aroma.

Species of chrysanthemums

Now large number of grades of these flowers is removed. Generally the plant represents basket from set of small inflorescences of different color, but there are also larger copies. Grades are removed in different color combinations – monophonic or as it meets more often, the flower has smooth gradient from one shade to another.

Care for chrysanthemum in garden in the spring

After long winter the gardeners who are going to grow up at themselves this culture need to exercise judgment in plant conclusion from wintering. Life and condition of flower will depend on it. For the winter, as a rule, the bush is dug out, and landed in garden in the spring. The place for disembarkation needs to be chosen correctly – the chrysanthemum prefers dry and solar sites, places with the eminence. It is connected with the fact that if to plant chrysanthemum in the lowland, then there unnecessary moisture will accumulate in the spring. It is also important that the earth before disembarkation has been fed moderately up by fertilizers. It is the best of all to land late spring or even in the beginning June – it will save plants from late frosts. After disembarkation by ready saplings it is better to cover plant with nonwoven fabric. It is better to place flowers at disembarkation to the open ground not in separate holes, and transheyno at distance of 30-50 cm. For strengthening of root system on seedling it is necessary to walk stimulator of development of roots.

Cherenkovany chrysanthemums in the spring

Generally the chrysanthemum is made multiple copies by cherenkovaniye in house conditions, but there are also grades of flowers which are grown up at once from seeds. The settled spring weather when daytime temperature reaches 21-25 degrees is necessary for the first way. From the main part of rhizome-matochnika sharp knife (surely clean) separate 6 and 7-centimeter shoots. The lower part them is dipped into growth factor and stacked in tray with the nutritious soil covered on 2 cm with sand. The tilt angle of shank has to make 45 °. Shanks cultivate, thus, 2-3 weeks before landing to the open ground with temperature condition 15-18 °.

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