Change of plants – important component of leaving

Change of plants – important component of leaving

Houseplants introduce feeling of cosiness to the house. In order that they well developed, periodically there is need for their change. However many inexperienced owners of plants do not know how to carry out such procedure.

The choice of capacity for peresadkipra the choice of pots for change of plants important value has material of which that is made. Flowerpots happen two types: ceramic and plastic. What material to choose?

1. Clay pot. The material used for its production has honeycomb. Such pots perfectly pass air, promote washing away from the soil of the salts hazardous to health of plant, do not interfere with evaporation of tenches of moisture. But they are more expensive, than plastic.

Such pots do not suit for cultivation of thermophilic plants in cool rooms. Clay renders effect of cooling. And watering should be carried out exclusively soft water. Otherwise not to avoid emergence of white salt raid.2. Pot from plastic – more economic option. It is much easier to wash it, than analog from clay. The small weight of plastic pots provides convenience of drawing up hinged daisies and their moving to the bathroom to watering. On the other hand such weight has shortcoming: low stability (in comparison with pot from clay). Lack of plastic pots is the high hygroscopicity. At frequent or excess waterings, excess of dosage of fertilizers the roots of plant will decay. Under direct sunshine the overheating of the plants planted in such pots is possible. For the adult plants which are afraid of change it is worth giving preference to pots of the big sizes. In other cases it is necessary to choose the tanks exceeding the size of the previous pots approximately on 3 cm. As for pot height, for the high plants having strongly developed root system the deep pot, and small – low tanks is necessary. Process peresadkisushchestvut two ways of replacing of plants: transfer and change with stripping of root system. The first way is more sparing. It is used for the plants which are afraid of traumatizing backs and also during dormant period. On bottom of capacity it is necessary to fill river pebble, haydite or brick splinters (layer approximately in two centimeters). From above to fill lands (hill). To take out plant from old capacity. Trying not to damage root system, to clean backs from the earth. To carefully lower plant in new pot, having distributed backs on hill slopes evenly. Holding plant in the center of capacity to fill up soil. To slightly stamp the soil. To water and remove in the shaded place for 7 days. Important nuances:

  • At least in three hours prior to change the plant should be watered properly
  • For normal watering it is worth filling up soil of the capacity couple centimeters lower than edge
  • The root neck should not be filled up completely
  • The best time for change – spring
  • It is not necessary to disturb plants change right after the end of blossoming

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team