How to achieve beautiful buttocks

How to achieve beautiful buttocks

Some cosmetic looking after means won't make the buttock beautiful, elastic and elastic therefore it is necessary to perform still and physical exercises. Otherwise, with age muscles become flabby and drooped.

1. Has to be DietaPitanie full, balanced and various. Don't overeat and don't eat after 6 in the evening, make the diet so that the most part was made by fresh vegetables, greens and fruit.

2. Cosmetic sredstvaspetsialny gels, masks, wrappings, cream for elasticity of skin will become the additional method in finding of elastic forms.

3. SportVypolnyayte exercises according to the level of the physical training, beginning from the smallest number of repetitions and adding load of 3-5 occupations in couple of days.

4. Bendings by the building forward with pulling you nosochkaobopritsya on the left leg, for maintaining balance direct the left hand aside or put on the waist. Slowly bend to the floor until you touch by his fingers of the right hand, at the same time along with bending of the case you straighten the right leg and you last the sock up. Then also slowly become straight. Perform the task for each leg on 10 times in three approaches.

5. Jumps through the korobkupostavta the chair the back to the wall also lean hands against its edge, having put legs together. Having risen under the convenient corner, put the box near the right leg and jump through it here and there on 10 times in two-three approaches. The task can be complicated if to increase subject height through any time.

6. Jumps you lezhazaymit the prone position as for push-ups, without bending elbows, bring the left leg to the breast (as far as possible) and sharply change legs as though you jump. Exercise is calculated on each leg on 10 times in 2 approaches.

7. LodochkaLyagte on the stomach, having extended the string of the hand and leg, you look directly before yourself, having exhaled, be curved as the boat, raising hands and legs up, in the direction to each other. Be late couple of seconds in this situation, then relax. Perform exercise of 10 times in 2 approaches.

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