Choice of parquet board

Choice of parquet board

Tree – the traditional construction material which is used not only for construction of buildings, but also for their interior finish. Modern technologies allow to produce the new finishing materials, such as parquet board combining everything advantages of natural wooden floor covers, but cheaper and deprived of shortcomings inherent in tree.

What is parquet board

This finishing material has been patented in the forties last century by the Swedish firm Tarkett. It represents the lengthy panels having multilayered wood structure from three and more layers. The top layer is made of natural wood of the valuable breeds having high decorative and operational rates: oak, beech, cherry, nut, maple, tic, birch, acacia. For top layer use also wood of exotic grades: wenge, to merba, yatoba, dussiya. The this layer is thicker, the will longer serve covering from parquet board as periodically it needs grinding at which part is skimmed.

The center of parquet board consists of short lamels for which production coniferous breeds of trees are used. As base layer fir-tree or oak plywood about 2 mm thick finds application. On manufacturing techniques it is required that fibers of each two layers of parquet board were perpendicular each other that allows to provide durability of this finishing material and to neutralize change of its linear sizes, the tree is to a large extent subject to the impact of fluctuations of humidity and temperature.

What affects utilization properties of parquet board

How will long serve to you floor, the covered parquet board, generally depends on what top layer in it is used, each breed of tree has the operational features influencing parquet life cycle. Such parameters as thickness of top layer, indicator of stability and hardness – here the main qualities to which you have to pay attention if you want the your gender to keep the original form as long as possible.

Life cycle of floor covering from parquet board in many respects depends on operating conditions and that how you will make thrifty use of it.

Decorative features of parquet board

Color and texture of covering will be envy too from that what wood of breeds was used for top layer. Pay attention that on the color gamma floor fitted into interior. You can pick up parquet board of the same color, as well as furniture, but can play also on contrast combinations when dark, almost black wood of wenge shades furniture from light breeds of tree.

Longer to keep exterior, the parquet board becomes covered by protective layer of varnish or becomes impregnated with oil. More naturally the parquet covered with oil which gets into deep layers of its structure looks, but at the same time does not change their color and texture. However such covering is more subject to effect of moisture therefore it is necessary to apply the special liquids containing oil and wax to care for oil floor. It is annually necessary to update surface of floor covering, using for this purpose grinders. The parquet board having protective layer of varnish is not afraid of moisture. At first it is covered with several layers of putty and primer and only then apply the varnish containing the ultra-violet filters protecting covering from burning out. Such covering is not afraid of damp cleaning, but here dot weight pressure can not sustain – to crack. Therefore to prolong life cycle of varnish parquet board, under chairs and chairs it is necessary to enclose carpets or to make felt pads on their legs.

Ease of mounting and laying and also environmental friendliness belongs to advantages of parquet board.

Depending on that how many bars make top layer, the board is subdivided into one - two - three - and multiband. Beauty of texture of any given breed of tree is most noticeable on the single-band parquet board. Such parquet is recommended to stack in rooms of the big area. The surface of double-band board is decorated with two bars which can be identical longwise or consist of several fragments everyone. The three-lane board which bars on surface are displaced rather each other, forming the classical drawing of natural wooden parquet is most often used: fir-tree, wicker, deck laying. It perfectly looks in apartments where the area of internal rooms is small. The multiband parquet board can be laid so that no joints will be noticeable.

For laying on heat-insulated floor the board not less than 13 mm thick is used.

Standard dimensions

Producers release parquet board of the different sizes, its length can fluctuate from 2 to 2.5 meters, width - from 5 to 20 cm, thickness – from 7 to 26 mm. Consider that the board 7 mm thick will have the thin top layer consisting of wood interline interval which cannot be subjected to grinding. The board 1 cm thick will also have more wood working layer from 2.3 mm thick, in need of it it will be possible to ottsiklevat. The parquet board more than 20 mm thick needs to be stacked on logs. Thinner parquet is stacked on concrete tie, using glue or floating method for mounting.

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