Climbers for garden: honeysuckle kaprifol

Climbers for garden: honeysuckle kaprifol

Do you need to plant trees and shrubs in various architectural forms in garden? Pay attention to honeysuckle kaprifol. At the correct leaving the honeysuckle will become the best decoration of your garden. The green screen from this plant will hide from excess eyes and reliably decorates any vertical surface. The honeysuckle kaprifol is the best option of climber for garden. The main thing to know secrets of care for this plant.

In order that the curling honeysuckle pleased you with beauty, amicable blossoming and divine aroma, provide it the correct care. First of all, the honeysuckle kaprifol is a curling liana. Cultivation of plant as screen or green partition for garden consists available strong support. The honeysuckle loves support and with pleasure twists them. It does it promptly and forever. It is simply impossible to remove adult plant from wall or other design. Therefore if you want the plant to grow in certain direction, form the direction of young escapes in the necessary parties. After escapes odrevesnevat, they keep form which they were given in the early childhood.

To decorate wall, take care of availability on it additional support. The honeysuckle kaprifol is not able to clamber on the smooth wall. The honeysuckle kaprifol very quickly grows. During the summer the gain of its escapes can reach three meters. In May it already becomes covered by green leaflets, later to begin to blossom and thin dizzy aroma on all garden.

After the liana was put, provide it the correct care. Watering – once a week. At droughty weather it should be done to thicket. Once in two weeks give to the green pet fertilizing with alternation of mineral fertilizers and organic. When landing you allocate it the best light places. However, it is curling plant for garden not bad feels also in shadow. The honeysuckle kaprfol - unpretentious liana and care for it is possible.

 It is possible to multiply the curling honeysuckle in the easy way. It can be done in the early spring or in the fall. Remove one of escapes and put on the earth. Cover with the earth in some places. If it is necessary press to the earth wire. Shortly there the root system which will give life to young plant is formed. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team