Concealer: as it works and as to use it

Concealer: as it works and as to use it

, for certain, women of the skin completely happy with state. Constant stresses, improper feeding, intake of medicines, chronic sleep debt, adverse ecological situation – all these factors are shown on skin by heat-spots, reddenings, dark circles in eyes, pigmental spots, etc. But the modern cosmetology has presented to women opportunity to make the face faultless, having created magic means – concealer.

In essence, the concealer represents the cosmetic pencil applied to masking of problem zones on skin, such as circles under eyes, pigmental spots and small wrinkles. It is necessary to understand that the concealer and liquid foundation are absolutely different means. The first is used pointwise, unlike the tone which is evenly put on face completely. Work with concealer requires certain skill, it is imposed only on problem places, avoiding healthy skin. Besides, the concealer has more dense structure thanks to what masks imperfections of skin much more reliably.

As a rule, concealers happen beige and corporal shades, selecting own means, it is very important to consider color of foundation. The concealer one-two tones lighter than basis will be the most optimal variant, at the same time it is put first of all. In case your concealer completely matches foundation shade, it is possible to impose it as to, and later.

Means with the reflective particles which are its part will help to hide dark circles under eyes. At its label surely there has to be word illuminante which is translated as lighting. The similar concealer will contain reflective pigment thanks to which the face will look fresh and well rested. But such means will not be able to hide the inflamed and reddened sites of skin therefore it is used only for skin in eyes. For correction of pimples and red spots it is necessary to use special means with more dense texture, such concealers often contain the additional antibacterial additives helping not only to mask imperfections, but also to fight with inflammation process. As a rule, concealers are issued in pencils or tubes, and put them by means of thin brush.

Means in the form of pencil is already supplied with such brush, and the concealer in small amount is squeezed out on it by means of the button located on reverse side.

The competent combination of foundation and concealer will make complexion equal, but it is necessary to remember that surplus of the used means easily will turn make-up into ridiculous mask. To use the wonderful masking properties of concealer it will turn out, having only correctly picked up its color. The shade of skin of each person is unique, thanks to the pigments which are contained in it. If the blue pigment of skin dominates, the tone of the person will be cold if red – warm, and large amount of carotene gives to the face yellowish color. Choosing concealer of certain shade, it is possible to neutralize excess of any color and to make tone of skin ideally equal.

Magic properties of concealer are based on ability of flowers to level each other.

Having truly picked up means shade, it is possible to disguise effectively heat-spots, inflammations, dark stains, vascular asterisks and other defects of skin. The most important is to put concealer pointwise, is exclusive on problem zones, on affecting healthy skin. Color means are put under liquid foundation, as well as concealers which are lighter than usual tone. Before putting the masking means, skin should be cleaned and moistened. It is put with special brush, and shaded by the quiet fingertips tapping with movements. After that foundation is put on face. In case the area of reddening quite big, concealer is applied on speck with uniform layer, and edges are shaded. By light corporal shade or with reflective particles it is possible to hide small wrinkles – to carry out on it by brush with concealer enough, having filled it. To give to means to dry and impose atop usual liquid foundation. Much easier and more exactly the concealer is shaded by fingers, some of them recommend to apply at first on the back of palm and only then on face skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team