Cultivation of cucumbers on lanes and in barrels

Cultivation of cucumbers on lanes and in barrels

Often it happens so that gardeners face the shortage of the place on the site, and there is a wish to grow up big harvest everything. For this reason cultivation of cucumbers in barrels and on lanes, the place allowing to save significantly on the site, becomes more and more popular with summer residents and gardeners

Efforts with cucumbers which grow on lanes or in barrels much less subjects that are landed in normal beds are normal. In addition, the productivity of such cucumbers is usually very high. One flank with cucumbers it is equal to one bed therefore such way by all means will please those who wishes to save the place on the site.

It is necessary to begin preparation of barrels for landing of cucumbers right after snow descends. It is the best of all to take barrels wooden or metal. Fill them with waste of organic origin (last year's grass or the rerotting manure mixed with the earth). It is possible to use the EM-medicines accelerating process of fermentation of waste and eliminating microorganisms, harmful to plants. Contents of barrels need to be filled in with hot water and to cover from above with polyethylene film that in week the waste has managed to perepret. For this period of time the contents of barrels have to decrease in volume approximately twice therefore the flank should complement systematically with new organic waste materials up to May.

After May holidays it is possible to start planting of cucumbers. Fill in barrels of the vegetable remains, layer approximately in 10 cm, scald the soil boiled water and water with potassium permanganate solution. Plant seeds without preliminary prorashchivaniye. In one barrel it is possible to plant 6-8 seeds. Cover each barrel with cellophane or black polyethylene film that warmly inside remained as long as possible.

To create ideal conditions for cucumbers, in the middle of barrel it is necessary to establish the liter container with water which should be filled up as required. When on cucumbers 2-3 leaves are created, it is necessary to adapt framework from metal pipes or metalprofile for barrel, on it plants will curl. Material needs to be removed with Ukryvna from barrels in the middle of June.

Cultivation of cucumbers on lane — way, very effective and very popular with gardeners. Thanks to support between which ropes fix it is very convenient to collect wire or twine, fruits and care for cucumbers becomes much simpler.

In the last dates of May it is necessary to prepare circular or parallel furrow for seeds (if you are going to plant cucumbers in the bezrassadny way). When seeds sprout, sprouts need to be thinned out, having left the strongest and healthy. The lane should be established when plants reach 10-12 cm.

It is necessary to water cucumbers in the subroot way, using for this purpose warm water. Young plants need to be fertilized mullein solution, and then to feed up mineral fertilizers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team