18 phrases which will delight the man

18 phrases which will delight the man

It is not necessary to think that only the woman is auditory – and to men it is important to hear words lovely to heart from darling. Sometimes it is enough to make a declaration of love sincerely to the hero and to emphasize his courage and originality that he was ready to pull up trees. Anyway, ladies always need to think over well phrases which they say, especially if they wish to hold a number of the knight.

"You are my hero!"

It will be pleasant to hear from the woman such phrase also to the one who made a courageous act for the sake of the great lady, and to the one who is potentially ready to make it. The person capable of a feat for the sake of darling has the right for admiration from the representative of an opposite sex. And even if the man will avariciously respond to these words, at heart he will want to make still something for the ladylove to hear her recognition again.

"You are a genius!" 

Relevant said phrase "You are a genius!" it will be really pleasant to the man who helped out the lady in a difficult situation. Especially if she does not pretend to be, and really it was helpless before something, and he with it coped with ease: repaired the computer, the crane in kitchen or changed a spare automobile wheel.

"You are such clever!"

This phrase is similar to previous, but more reserved. In life there is a set of situations when it can be said, without stinting a praise. If the woman expresses sincere admiration, the man will want to solve all problems from the textbook by the child, to repair all household appliances, to explain laws of physics on experience, and it is not important whether the lady is able to do all this actually. Sometimes it is possible to transfer a palm to the stronger sex, without drawing a blanket on itself.

"Will you be able to help me?"

It is not necessary to distract the courageous defender on everyones trifles, but from time to time it is worth asking him to help. The man needs to know that the lady will not cope absolutely without him.

"You are a real man!"

Who will resist such phrase, especially if to the man it is said by the pleasant woman? From such words told in all sincerity really strong relations can be entered. And it is in the future quite good to remind the elect that he it is valid – the real man.

"You look great!"

For some reason many think that it is necessary to give compliments only to ladies whereas the man can have enough complexes, and he needs positive assessment of the appearance. Even if before the lady – in appearance the self-assured macho, he actually can doubt whether there are to it new clothes, whether it is beautiful. If the man watches himself, visits the gym, once its progress is glad.

"This beauty with interest looked at you!"

If the man goes near the lady, but other women glance at him, there is nothing terrible if the companion does note it aloud. It is necessary to do it quietly, with humour, without making rows to jealousy – and the man surely will estimate it. It will be pleasant to it that it fixes eyes of great ladies, and the companion will only emphasize the self-confidence and the knight.

"What you are sexy!"

As psychologists speak, it is necessary to praise the sexual partner to, in time and after sex. The man will be excited by recognitions about his sexuality and impossibility to resist its irresistible courageous.

"What tremendous night was!"

Such phrase will delight the man and will flatter his vanity therefore family psychologists recommend to tell it more often, without hesitating. The sexual partner will want sensual continuation. If couple not in marriage, and the lady "hooked" on the gentleman, he can call within three days. If it did not occur, there is nothing terrible in calling it and to thank sincerely for cool night.

"It is pleasant to me!"

It is very important to say to the man what is pleasant in his acts, appearance, habits. It can be with taste the picked-up clothes, a new hairstyle, behavior on a visit and many other things. And phrases like "It is pleasant to me how you are able to select gifts" and "It is pleasant to me how you guess my desires" will move the man on desire to please darling.                                    

"You were right!"

This remarkable phrase about which many women often forget. It is capable to fasten the relations. It is necessary to give to men a reason for triumph. However you should not go to far in such words. In reply the partner can hear haughty "And I spoke to you!", and it will cause sooner or later irritation which will become difficult to be hidden.

"I on your party"

The strong relations are under construction on continued mutual support. The partner has to know that the partner will accept his party and will be near whatever it happened. Also it is necessary to remind him of it.

"I listen carefully to you!"

It is necessary to be uttered from time to time to any person whatever he seemed strong. Having told darling "I listen carefully to you", it is necessary to become valid the sensitive listener, not to interrupt and all look to show the sincere sympathy.

"I understand you!"

The man can be afraid to be frank with the half because he is afraid to be it misunderstood and even mocked. It is important to let him know that anyway darling will understand it, and it is necessary to do it with all gravity.  


You should not forget about such simple magic word. It has to sound daily. If the man showed care, for example, opened doors before the lady, took away from it a heavy bag or made great coffee, it is worth thanking him.

"With you I in safety!"

The man has to know that near him it is quiet and safe, he is capable to protect the half from anything. He should reminding of it.

"You are the best!"

Such sincere admiration will disarm any man. The simple words confirming that the beloved will never exchange the knight for another just because it is better than him are not present anybody on light – for it he will be ready to pull up trees.

 "I love you!"

If couple is created for each other, sincere declaration of love only even stronger it will bring together. And it will never be superfluous or inappropriate.

The clever woman will always be at proper words for darling, will find a right moment. The main thing, it is necessary to speak without falseness, from the heart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team