Cultivation of park rose

Cultivation of park rose

Park roses – group which has included wild-growing, decorative, garden hybrids and grades. They are planted in gardens, parks, used for dressing of walls, fences, combined with other ornamental plants.

Landing of park roses

Plant roses early in the spring or in the fall, the place for landing needs to be chosen well lit. It is impossible to plant roses in the shaded places, under crowns, in such conditions they will be ill and suffer from insects wreckers.

The way needs to be paved for plants for few weeks before landing. On 1 square meter it is necessary to bring 4-5 kilograms of manure. Roots of roses have to be placed freely in holes for landing. Having planted plants in hole, it needs to be covered with earth, to condense and water.

Care for roses

Park roses need abundant watering. Especially a lot of water is necessary for plants during intensive development by spring, in June and at the beginning of July. During dry weather without rains of rose it is necessary to water several times a week. The soil at the same time has to become impregnated with moisture on half-meter. It is necessary to water roses in the evening, trying not to wet leaves as it can cause diseases. With approach of fall the watering of plants needs to be stopped, they will have enough atmospheric precipitation. If fall very dry, it is necessary to water moderately roses that in the winter they were not left without moisture in roots. In the spring of rose it is necessary to feed up mineral fertilizers. For this purpose it will be required to dissolve in 10 liters of water 20 grams of ammonium nitrate, 30 grams of superphosphate and 10 grams of potash salt. On one bush 5 liters of solution are required. After fertilizing of plant it is necessary to water well.

Favorably mulching influences growth and development of plants. It is necessary to mulch the soil around park roses peat, hay or the decayed manure.

The following fertilizing needs to be made when leaves completely are dismissed. For this purpose it is necessary to part the rewandering mullein with water in proportion 1:10. Each bush needs to be watered with 5 liters of solution. For the third time of rose it is necessary to feed up during emergence of buds. In 10 liters of water it is necessary to dilute 30 grams of superphosphate and to bring 3 liters of this solution under one bush. Adult rosebushes need to be cut off annually as soon as kidneys begin to be dismissed. It is necessary to delete the sick, dry, broken branches.

At the end of August or the beginning of September the young growth can be cut off from above on 5 centimeters for the best maturing of escapes and good winter hardiness.

If bushes have strongly expanded, began to blossom less and have taken untidy look, it is necessary to carry out the rejuvenating cutting. For this purpose it is necessary to remove the oldest stalks and branches growing in bush. Cuts need to be greased with the garden thief. The next year after cutting the rose forms new strong young growth. Many park roses quietly transfer winter, but young landings and some grades require the shelter. To protect plant, it is necessary to hill it at the basis, and to envelop bush several layers of kraft paper. If there is no opportunity to buy paper, use burlap or felt.

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