Disembarkation tomato to the greenhouse: rules and features

Disembarkation tomato to the greenhouse: rules and features

The greenhouse — very practical and necessary construction for cultivation of vegetables, including tomatoes. These thermophilic vegetables yield at cultivation in it harvest minimum twice bigger, than when landing in the open ground. But to grow up excellent harvest, it is necessary to prepare correctly the greenhouse, to grow up strong seedling and to land it, considering all features.

Cultivation of seedling of tomatoes

For the subsequent disembarkation to the greenhouse it is necessary to plant tomatoes already in the middle or the end of February. Prepare nutritious substrate, it is the most convenient for this purpose to use ready soil as in it there are all necessary substances for development of seedlings. Fill pochvosmes in separate plastic cups, make couple of openings on depth about 2 cm and put in them on one sunflower seed. Water landings and cover glasses with polyethylene film. This reception will allow to accelerate germination of seeds.

After cotyledonous leaflets seem, the film can be removed. In February and the beginning of spring the daylight hours still very short and seedling needs to be dosvechivat daylight lamps that it was not extended and grew at strong. When on seedlings about 2 present sheets, their raspikiruyta in separate container appear.

Preparation of the greenhouse for cultivation of tomatoes

At the end of April begin to prepare the greenhouse for planting of seedling of tomatoes. Replacement of its top layer will be the best option of preparation of soil. After the earth thaws, remove about 10-15 cm of the soil, instead of it fill substrate of compost, sheet humus and the garden earth in equal proportions, add to mix of a little clean bank sand and peat. Fill manure and urea. Carefully dig over the earth and cover with film. This reception is necessary in order that weed plants have sprouted as soon as possible, and they could be weeded before landing of seedling of tomatoes. Besides, the earth under film will get warm much quicker. It is desirable to make replacement of soil in the greenhouse annually, but if there is no such opportunity, then it should be disinfected. For this purpose spray the earth with oxychloride of copper and carbophos. Take medicines in equal quantity and dissolve them according to the instruction. If you have not processed design in the fall, make it for few weeks before planting of plants. Process metal parts kerosene, and spray walls and roof with the same medicine which recommends to process the soil.

Features of planting of tomatoes to the greenhouse

Disembarkation terms to the greenhouse for 3 weeks earlier, than to the open ground. Tomatoes can begin to be landed from May 10 to May 15. Make holes. Have them in chessboard order in 2 rows on both sides of the greenhouse. Between them there have to be not less than 50 cm. If to land tomatoes more often, then it will be reflected in harvest. Water with warm water the soil in holes and in glasses with seedling. Carefully take out sapling together with earth lump. Slightly stir up it. Tear off the cotyledonous and lower turned yellow leaflets. Put plant in hole, straighten backs and fill up with nutritious soil. Water tomatoes once again and zamulchiruyta the soil with compost or straw. Leave the planted plants for few weeks. At this time they are not recommended to be watered that tomatoes were not extended.

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