Dresser – unique furniture for any interior

Dresser – unique furniture for any interior

The dresser has returned the popularity not so long ago. Several decades it has been unfairly buried in oblivion and decorated only interiors in retro style. But its functionality and spaciousness have returned it on the peak of popularity and have made integral part of interiors in style hi-tech, the classic and even modernist style.

The uniqueness of dresser is that its internal part can be used for storage of any things and objects completely. Concede it all other cabinets, racks and bureau in this plan. And secret is simple – boxes.

By the way, the word "dresser" has the French roots and literally means – convenient. And the word quite justifies subject – as soon as it appears in interior, need to look for the place for packaging of set of trifles which often lie anywhere disappears and create disorder.

As the dresser looks – it is imagined by all. It consists of several drawers of the closed type located one over another. In modern options the dressers happen to oar or sliding doors, but the classical option is drawers. The "correct" dresser surely has to tower over floor on legs, have table-top and beautiful accessories "in tone" or contrast color.

Dressers can be separated into two main categories:

  •    High narrow – their height are 130 cm, and width is up to 1 m.
  •    Low wide – height are up to 1 m, width is from 2 m and more.

Depth of boxes in all dressers is from 40 to 60 cm.

The furniture market offers dressers of two styles – classical and modern. Classical models make of whole solid wood or cover with laminate and face veneer "under tree". Classics is carved legs and facade, prudish accessories from metal. Modern dressers are made in the spirit of minimalism, on metal legs, without graces and excesses, with simple and laconic accessories.

Advantages of boxes before regiments or sections are obvious. The box is pushed forward, and even those things which are located at its back wall, are available and visible. It is possible to place many things in box, on all its volume and to be sure that they will not drop out outside when the door opens as in cabinet.

When choosing dresser it is necessary to give preference where the system of fixing of boxes is installed. If it is absent, then the box can just drop out of the niche when it is sharply put forward. Special limiters of the movement will save from such problem, but they have other minus – the box will move forward on only 2/3 depths.

The silent system of promotion which is provided with special accessories will be great advantage. Approximately in 2 cm "from the purpose" the box braking system works, and it is closed independently, without noise and crash.

This piece of furniture enters sleeping and complete kitchens and is on sale as independent subject. If it is got as independent "personality" in interior, then it is necessary to approach the choice very responsibly. If the design of dresser does not correspond to interior design of the room, then he risks to become the shouting, excess and unnecessary spot on the general harmonious background.

If it is impossible to make choice independently, then it is possible to address for council the seller of furniture store. There the people understanding subtleties of arrangement of cozy rooms work, as a rule. It is necessary to inform the consultant not only what size you need dresser and that you assume to store in it, but also what furniture already is in the room what it colors, than is covered floor, what color finishing on walls what textiles decorate windows. All these subtleties have huge value.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team