How to feed premature children

How to feed premature children

The correct feeding of premature children plays very important role in their physical, emotional and intellectual development. Good nutrition is the main condition for normal work of all vitals and the systems of the newborn.


1. The best food for the premature kid - breast milk, but as the condition of children happens a miscellaneous, an issue of type of feeding is resolved for each child individually. As a rule, premature children differ in high rates of physical development and feel the high need for calories. But there can be also difficulties because of bad operation of the digestive device of premature children in the first 2 weeks of life.

2. Begin feeding of the premature child with small portions of breast milk. At first give in 3-5 milliliters in each feeding. Every day of a portion increase a little, but at the same time watch the kid very carefully. Add quantity milk very gradually as the premature child is capable to hold only a small portion in a stomach. With the permission of the pediatrician about 2 times a day you can put the kid to a breast, all other feedings need to be carried out by the decanted milk from a small bottle. 

3. For the premature child the pediatrician has to calculate the daily volume of food. As a rule, it makes this calculation for Rommel's formula: amount of milk (mix) on each 100 grams of body weight of the child = 10 + number of days of life (in milliliters). Calculation of necessary amount of food for children is aged more senior than 10 days can be made also on a volume way: daily amount of food of the child at the age of 10-14 days = 1/7 body weights, at the age of 2-3 weeks = 1/6 body weights, at the age of 1 month = 1/5 body weights.

4. Besides, the amount of food which is consumed by the premature kid depends on his state. If you notice that health of the child worsens, surely reduce food volume.

5. If your child is on artificial feeding, buy only special mixes which are intended for premature children. They are enriched with all useful substances and minerals, necessary for development.

6. You carry out introduction of juice and feedings up only under observation of the pediatrician.

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