Fertilizing for tomatoes on the basis of yeast

Fertilizing for tomatoes on the basis of yeast

For receiving abundant harvest of tomatoes it is important to get good grade of seeds, it is correct to grow up seedling and to follow some rules of care for plant. Fertilizing and mulching during growth of seedling has certain value.

It is required to you

  • - water - 2.5 l;
  • - yeast live – 100 g;
  • - granulated sugar – 0.5 glasses.


1. Fertilizing for tomatoes - means of home cooking, is available to any gardener. To prepare it will not make special work and expenses.

2. Pour into 3-liter jar or other convenient capacity 2.5 liters of warm otstoyanny water. Dissolve granulated sugar and live yeast in water. Establish solution to the warm place. As soon as yeast begins to ferment, periodically shake up contents banks. Readiness of fertilizing is defined when fermentation stops.

3. Ready mix should be dissolved in water in the ratio 1 glass of distiller's beer on 10 liters of water. It is necessary to use fertilizing for tomatoes three times during the season. 1 liter of ready solution on 1 bush of tomatoes suffices. At the sour soil it is possible to apply fertilizing more often.

4. The live fertilizer prepared on the basis of live yeast helps to transfer to plants summer heat. Positively influences development of tomatoes, promotes formation of strong trunks and beautiful fruits. Very important the fact that the tomatoes watered with the prepared solution of yeast do not suffer from phytophthora.

5. Of course, except barmy fertilizing, during all growth of tomatoes it is necessary to carry out mulching of the soil. For this purpose it is possible to use old fallen leaves or small hay.

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