Fire-protective timber doors: we create barrier from fire

Fire-protective timber doors: we create barrier from fire

To fire safety it is paid much attention at design and construction as industrial, trade and public, and residential units. Interroom doors also belong to passive elements of fire protection system.

Functional purpose of fire-protective doors

About gravity of approach to fire safety of rooms in which live people are or work, material values are kept, tells large number of normative documents – state standard specifications and Construction Norms and Regulations regulating these questions. In these documents also the explanation of those functions which have to carry out the fire-protective doors established in wall apertures, partitions of air shafts, transformer stations and in other places on the ways defined for emergency exits is made.

Such doors are necessary not only to localize ignition in the certain room, without allowing fire spread, but also to provide safe evacuation of people and material values, constraining the fire during rated time which is called fire resistance limit. The fire-protective doors established in all building allow to constrain spread of fire, easily and quickly to provide access to fire service to the ignition center.

On escape routes of people it is necessary to establish the doors opened from within without key, only by pressing the handle.

Tree which is not afraid of fire

Until recently fire-protective doors were made of metal - the material capable to sustain the largest fire. But with the advent of the new fire-prevention regulations attributing their installation in residential and public buildings there was question not only of safety, but also of esthetics. And here new technologies and materials have come to the rescue of designers, having allowed to leave the traditional interroom doors made of tree in interior. The truth is tree not simple – fire-protective timber doors represent sandwich outside of which the normal door cloth from the traditional material impregnated with flame retardants is located, and inside – thermal insulation layer.

According to requirements, all fire-protective doors have to be equipped with the closers guaranteeing their constant situation in the closed state.

As heat insulator different materials, most often – the mineral wool having the increased resistance to fire and not igniting even at big temperatures are used. The external cloth is made of MDF fiber boards over which the interline interval can be mounted or special flame-proof painting is applied. On rabbet and threshold mount consolidation from material which at high temperature foams and pressurizes door opening on perimeter, doing not pass smoke from within. For those cases when there is no threshold, the fire-protective doors equipped with threshold which automatically drops out of design in case of fire hazard are issued. The difficult design of fire-protective doors causes increased requirements to their quality and obligatory certification.

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