Hens avikolor: description, contents and feeding

Hens avikolor: description, contents and feeding

The owners of personal farmsteads who do not have incubator should get layers of breed aviacolor. These hens perfectly hatch out baby birds, the posterity quickly gains weight. Meat of chickens tasty and gentle, and yaytsenoskost of adult birds is much higher than average.

Aviacolor – cross of the Ukrainian selection. The hybrid is removed in Poltava region and combines the best qualities of normal layers and high-pedigree meat - egg breeds. These hens are often grown up on small farms and private farmsteads. Peasants appreciate them unpretentiousness, excellent health, high yaytsenoskost and good skills of hens. The breed is widespread in the east of Ukraine, in other regions meets much less often.

Typical aviacolor – strong, though not too large bird. Chicken reaches the weight of 2.5 kg, the weight of adult rooster can reach 3 kg. Roosters motley with prevalence of white feathers, are possible impregnations black and red. The harmonious body, plich wide, neck moderately long, it is abundant covered with feathers. The graceful tail, beautifully curved, combines kositsa of red, white, black color. Big crest, with 5 or 6 large teeth, eyes red or red-orange, beak yellow, slightly bent down. Paws too yellow, widely placed.

Hens differ in red plumage and small crest with noticeable teeth. Roundish, harmonious constitution. The bird is very active, but is peaceful, seldom gets involved in fights. Big advantage of hens aviacolor – high yaytsenoskost. In year receive more than 300 eggs weighing about 50 g from one layer everyone. Hens begin to rush in 3.5-4 months. Chickens quickly grow, fowl gentle, low-fat, rich with protein.

Chickens of this breed are appreciated excellent abilities in incubation of baby birds. Thanks to cares and dedication of layers the young growth practically does not perish. Many owners of farmsteads enclose to egg aviacolors from other hens and layers honestly hatch out them.

Carry to the main pluses of breed:

  • unpretentiousness;
  • rapid growth of chickens;
  • high tastes of meat and eggs;
  • good yaytsenoskost;
  • resistance to diseases;
  • ability to independently hatch out eggs and to grow up posterity.

Despite big advantages, hens have aviacolor also shortcomings. Carcasses of hens and cockerels medium-sized, they practically never exceed 3 kg. As well as other crosses, aviacolors keep pedigree signs only in the first generation, the posterity differs in reduced efficiency.

Aviacolors appreciate unpretentiousness, resistance to cold. They do not need spacious hen houses, being content with small rooms. Thanks to good good nature of hens it is possible to hold together with representatives of other breeds. In warm season the bird can be let out on free walking, it will increase efficiency and will increase tastes of meat. Some owners all the year round keep fowls in open-air cages, aviacolors perfectly winter in the open air, coming into the shelter only during bad weather.

It is possible to feed bird with various bourgeoises, compound feed, grass, grain. Proteinaceous and calcic additives are obligatory, the balanced diet stimulates yaytsenoskost. Hens have to have continuous access to fresh water.

At the correct leaving the chickens grow quickly. After the birth they are separated, it is convenient to define sex on color of plumage. The monthly chicken weighs 700 g, in 1.5 months the young cockerels recover till 1300.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team