Home lamps: types and features

Home lamps: types and features

Each corner of the apartment demands different intensity of lighting. For replacement of daylight in night-time or as additional sources when performing any work use home lamps in the afternoon. Except the basic purpose they help to create the cozy atmosphere with the house and serve as beautiful elements of situation.

Lamps for the house subdivide into three categories: ceiling, wall and wall and ceiling. For creation of elegant and complete interior of chandelier, the sconce and lamps have to be selected not only taking into account functional purpose, but also single harmonious style solution. Materials for their production can be various, and in operation of this equipment glow lamps, luminescent or halogen lamps, and even LEDs can be used.

Surface mounted luminaires

This type of lighting equipment is in turn subdivided into three groups – laid on, suspended and built in. By these names it is possible to understand what way of fastening is applied when mounting these elements of lighting to ceiling. When choosing method of installation consider finishing and design of ceiling covering, the desirable direction of luminous flux and feature of the design interior design. The chandelier was always considered as the most popular representative of suspended surface mounted luminaires. This device reckons lot of decorative registration and well fits into any situation, thanks to various design.

Due to the wide circulation of false ceilings which visually reduce room height there was more reasonable application of the built-in and laid on models. The built-in lamps can be modular or dot, and can create the directed or scattered lighting. Their body is completely hidden in ceiling surface. Laid on models have usually simple geometrical form and are easily mounted by fastening of their back wall to any surface of walls or ceiling.

Wall and wall surface mounted luminaires

Surface mounted luminaires are not always able to provide the necessary illumination of all necessary zones of the room, and for this purpose additional luminous sources are established. These devices can be installed both on vertical, and on horizontal surface. Sconces, plates and plafonds belong to wall options. Their correct placement helps creation of cozy recreation areas or works, allows to focus attention on significant parts of interior and also to create intimate situation in the room. It should be noted also existence of such devices for creation of local lighting as floor lamp, decorative and working desk lamps, night lamps and dot furniture lamps.

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