How to apply blush and powder

How to apply blush and powder

and blush finish qualitative make-up, give to the face the correct form, rejuvenate, mask fatigue traces. Powder hides greasy luster of skin, and blush returns to the person fresh healthy look.


  1. Wait so far foundation will be absorbed in skin that powder is light evenly. Before distributing powder on the person, blot skin with napkin for elimination of greasy luster. You apply powder in the small portions, so she will lay down even layer. Distribute powder on cheekbones and side parts of the face by means of brush, and on forehead, nose and chin — sponge. And then easy movements, slightly touching skin, shade powder on the person. To get rid of greasy luster, pay special attention to the central part of the face, nose wings.
  2. You apply blush at first on area of cheekbones from ears to nose. Then carry out by brush on rotundity of cheek. Repeat actions upside-down that layers have mixed up and blush has laid down evenly. At such technology of drawing the back part of cheek will be underlined. It will give to the face freshness, and the make-up will look more naturally. Dry blush should be applied with wide brush over foundation and powder. Liquid blush applies with fingers or sponge on foundation at once, and then powders.
  3. Define the face type. Then by means of blush and powder it will be possible to modify some shortcomings. To smooth rotundities of the person, apply powder of dark shade from temples to cheeks and on the lower jaw, shading to neck, and blush paint area under cheekbones. The square face will be refreshed by the blush distributed from upper part of cheekbone to the center of cheek. Shade chin dark blush at triangular face. That the forehead seemed wider, apply blush from eyebrows obliquely to hair. Women with rectangular face need to walk brush with blush horizontally on cheekbones. You do not apply blush close to nose.
  4. Powder face light powder if you have applied more blush, than it is necessary. You should not remove surplus by means of tissue.

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