How to assemble the electric generator

How to assemble the electric generator

The simplest electric generator is necessary for you, but you do not wish to be spent for its purchase? The schemes and instructions showing how to assemble the electric generator independently, will allow you to avoid widespread mistakes at its assembly.


1. Deciding to assemble the electric generator independently, choose its simplest model – the low-speed single-phase device working by means of the disk rotor operating on permanent magnets. For a start choose suitable for yourself on complexity of assembly the scheme of this kind of the electric generator of which availability of brushes and the collector is not characteristic. Having attentively studied the scheme showing how to assemble the electric generator, start independent assembly of its design. First, correctly calculate quantity of windings, necessary for the model chosen by you, which ideally has to equal to quantity of magnetic poles.

2. This fact will help you to create jump of the moment on to shaft, reached at the expense of tension forces when passing by the core of winding of magnetic pole. Secondly, decide what effect of operation of the assembled electric generator is necessary for you and if you accept creation of the simplest device, use three windings and two magnetic poles which to connect among themselves absolutely easily. Establish windings, and then connect consistently their conclusions to magnetic poles thanks to which work of your electric generator will be carried out further.

3. To assemble the single-phase electric generator, use normal steel cores, and groups of windings arrange at distance in 120 ° from each other. Further install the rotor of the power chosen by you so that irrespective of its situation at jump of the moments of idling on shaft the consequence did not arise. Try that the windings used by you were the minimum height which ideally has to equal to the size of the gap between winding and magnet. Collect all parts of the single-phase electric generator correctly, having prevented possibility of reduction of magnetic induction in the available gap.

4. On square footing from have got in the last line have coils on circle in the form of cylindrical solenoids in which center previously establish steel cores. Then reliably fix the bearing in the center of the basis and insert in it axis for the rotor. Assembling the electric generator for the first time, choose the rotor which is the steel disk strengthened on axis. Using special laying, fix in advance prepared permanent magnets on disk.

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