How to banish snakes

How to banish snakes

As a rule, on seasonal dachas in weather conditions of midland, such snakes as the medical Yankee, poloza, ears and vipers most often meet. Of them only vipers are really dangerous. However to distinguish viper from other species of snakes happens not so simply. Besides, there will be not too large number of people whom "neighbourhood" even with harmless ears can please. How to banish snakes from the seasonal dacha?


1. Mow high grass on the site. Level the earth, root out stubs. Snakes do not love open space and prefer to hide in thickets on shady damp sites.

2. Liquidate all heaps of leaves, sand, compost. Burn garbage, sort big woodpiles - such places are perfect for snake slots.

3. Process the site on perimeter saltpeter or any other chemical fertilizer. This processing should be carried out three times at an interval of 2-3 days. After that it is recommended to process the site regularly, once a month or in process of appearance of snakes. It is necessary to consider that if you have pets, then it is necessary to handle with chemical fertilizers extremely with care. Fill them in inaccessible for your favourites places - for example, it is strict under fence.

4. Use of acetic essence is considered one more effective way of processing of the site. The truth this method demands more regular processing than use of chemicals. Practically the same effect can achieve, having placed naphthalenic balls in the earth. Before stacking naphthalene, balls need to be crushed.

5. Try completely to get rid from mice - these rodents are favourite delicacy of the majority of snakes. Do not allow education on the site of big pools and appearance of frogs - they is quite suitable for snake "menu" too.

6. Establish special repellants of snakes on the site. It is known that snakes do not perceive high-frequency sounds and ultrasound, but are very sensitive to infrasounds and vibration. The operation principle of such devices is also based on these features of reptiles - they extend infrasound of low power around. Devices should be placed in close proximity to expected location of snakes.

7. Get and establish wind "revolving objects" on the site. From their rotation the vibration is created and, as a rule, snakes creep away in search of quieter place.

8. If all above-mentioned ways have not helped to get rid of unpleasant "neighbourhood", it is recommended to resort to the help of zmeelov.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team