How to braid ficus

How to braid ficus

The ficus is very popular and demanded plant. That there was beautiful forming of trunk, it is necessary to breed shanks more. In this case bark will stiffen. It is the best of all to spin saplings before landing. Side escapes are removed at once, and the place of cut is dry wiped.


1. To twirl trunks in spiral it is possible to use two plants which have to be planted by row. For weaving of "braid" it is necessary to have three ficuses. Under thickening of trunks the weaving is made freely, with holes. When the interlacing is made by braid of trunks, tops do not need to be tied. It is necessary "to hold apart" them match that it was simpler to make further weaving. Fixing of saplings in the necessary situation can be done by means of twine. Also well the wide wire in isolation, thick woolen thread or polyethylene film approaches.

2. That trunks quickly grew together, it is necessary to remove in places of their contact bark to cambium. As a result peculiar ablaktirovka or inoculation rapprochement will turn out. The naked surface should be wiped with damp rag. Release of lacteal juice has to stop. After that it is necessary to press and execute densely binding polyethylene film. In month it is necessary to weaken fixers. Otherwise there will be formation of hems. Woolen thread can strongly damage trunk or deeply grow into it. That such problems have not arisen, it is necessary to change once a month thread for another.

3. The winding of trunk has to be carried out at an angle in 45 degrees. After stipitates grow, it is possible to continue weaving. Set to trunks the uniform direction. Then you will be able to turn composition this direction to the luminous source natural or artificial.

4. When you make weaving of plant, do not weave trunks too hardly. The fact is that in several years there can be accretion of trunks. As a result the accrete hilly trunk is formed. At first there is accretion of places of contact of trunks, then in process of thickening intervals between them are filled.

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