How to avoid a quarrel with parents

How to avoid a quarrel with parents

Quarrels of parents and children – a subject really inexhaustible. They occurred earlier, occur now, will occur and when present children become mothers and fathers. Just because different generations have different points of view literally on everything. But at the same time parents are sacredly sure: they know better that it is necessary for their children, and children (especially, already matured), naturally, have the opposite point of view.


1. First of all you remember: you deal with the closest people. Yes, sometimes parents are annoying, unfair, very inconsiderate (from the point of view of the child, it is natural). But it is mother and the father. Therefore the tone quite appropriate in communication with peers, friends who sometimes too afford superfluous is unacceptable here.

2. Constrain yourself, answer politely even if inside everything boils and there is a strong wish to snap. At once the main cause of quarrels – roughness will disappear (already from the point of view of parents).

3. Other reason – indifference of the child, laziness, unwillingness to help. There is a characteristic example: tired mother comes back from work and sees that the child did not execute an assignment: the garbage is not taken out, dishes are not washed. Naturally, it is angry, makes a claim. Little by little, the quarrel also breaks out. Of course, the child will have justifications: lessons at school, additional classes. He is a person too, he was tired too. But it was really so difficult to find several minutes to help mother about the house? This effort wholly would pay off. Both mother would be happy, and the quarrel would not take place.

4. In above the described case in response to claims of mother it would be worth not to snapping, and to tell: "Sorry, I just was not in time. To us set such difficult subject!". For any normal mother study of the child – very important issue, she would understand.

5. And how to be in cases when children already adult, moreover, became parents, and the father and mother still treat them as to helpless kids? Call several times a day, distribute councils, and even categorical instructions. It is possible to understand disappointment of children. Here only two exits. Or learn to turn to everything "a deaf ear" - quietly listen, thank, assure that you will consider their council and opinion. Arrive as you find necessary. Or it is polite, but firmly let know to parents that you do not need such "dense" guardianship any more.

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