How to build in the dishwasher

How to build in the dishwasher

The built-in household appliances become more and more popular. Dish washers take the place in kitchen as necessity which carries out for you all not most not favourite work. In shops of household appliances they are provided in wide assortment, from different producers and in the big price range. Everyone can select the machine according to the taste and according to technical characteristic necessary for it. The built-in dishwashing equipment is installed in special niche in complete kitchen and is fully enclosed door of cabinet or partially open.


1. Buying dish washer of the built-in type already having complete kitchen in which you will establish it make sure that it is suitable on height and the size of the available niche for embedding. If you have got dish washer, and will buy or order set then, then buy it with niches for the built-in household appliances corresponding to the size of already available equipment.

2. The main objective for establishment and embedding of dish washer is its installation in the niche which is taken away for it and connection to the system of water supply system, the sewerage and power supply.

3. It is necessary to establish dish washer exactly and it is desirable to have free space, but not to put densely to cabinet walls. If special fastenings are provided in your model, then fix the machine on them according to the instruction from the producer.

4. For connection to plumbing and sanitary get the special adjustable double or the T-coupler if you in addition are going to connect the washing machine. Densely connect jellied and draining hose to the system of distributing. It is better to connect dish washer to the system of cold water supply. It will allow to prolong the term of its service.

5. It is necessary to connect to power supply in the separate socket having grounding and directly without using extenders and adapters.

6. It is the best of all if you entrust installation and connection of dish washer to the professional master from service. Now outlets often offer delivery and installation of dish washers at their expense. Do not refuse this offer.

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