How to calculate lining volume for covering of walls

How to calculate lining volume for covering of walls

In order that it is correct to calculate lining volume for covering of walls, before it is necessary to find out by what criteria the choice of this material has to be carried out. Only after that it is possible to start calculations.

Thanks to ease of work and the affordable price, lining is one of the most popular and demanded finishing materials. Besides, it is rather universal, the field of its application is boundless: lining sheathe both baths, and balconies. To count how many it will be required to you lining for covering of walls, quite simply. Knowing room space, you can easily calculate what quantity of rails it will be required. However, there is one nuance: lining is on sale in cubic meters, but not in pieces or running meters. Therefore it is necessary to make some calculations.

Choice of quality material

That as it is possible to count more precisely what quantity of rails will be required to you, it is necessary to choose good sound levels. It is necessary to pay attention to the direction of cut, it has to coincide with the direction of growth of tree. It is also necessary to pay attention to arrangement of annual rings. They have to go beyond board, this parameter directly influences durability. When choosing finishing material each person, first of all, thinks of esthetic exterior. That the battened surface looked adequately, it is necessary to choose levels with smooth edges, considering at the same time humidity of tree which should not exceed 17%. Otherwise the board can be brittle and break when processing. Also it is necessary to pay attention to quantity of knots, admissible for this breed of tree. Correctly chosen lining will allow you not only to long enjoy beautiful finishing of the room, but also to consider what amount of material is necessary for you.

Calculation of amount of lining

To calculate amount of necessary lining, it is necessary to calculate room space, having increased for this purpose perimeter by height and considering door and window openings. It is necessary to count the area of one rail further, having increased its length by height, and knowing its thickness, it is possible to receive the volume of one level. To receive necessary quantity of rails, it is necessary to separate room space into the area of one level. And knowing the volume of one board and quantity of boards, it is simple to calculate how many cubic meters of lining will be required for finishing of the room. It is necessary to choose lining which length of level is multiple to floor-to-ceiling height, it will allow to minimize waste. But anyway the received volume needs to be increased by 0.15, kind of you tried to reduce waste, all of them equally will be. 10-15% of all volume are considered the norm counted on ideal indicators.

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