How to choose gate

How to choose gate

Any gate perform number of significant functions, for example, protection against penetration of strangers, etc. Therefore increased requirements are imposed to them. But except durability and reliability of collar have to have still beautiful exterior, to be convenient in use.


1. When choosing gate first of all evaluate the financial opportunities that is how many you are ready to spend for purchase and installation.

2. Then choose the architectural and design decision which will approach the general plan of the territory or fence (gate have to fit organically into overall picture of the building which will be protected).

3. Get acquainted with manufacturing firms of your region. Take an interest in their reputation (what responses of buyers, etc. what is the time work at the market). Study products which are offered by data of the organization.

4. Then your task is to decide on material of which gate will be made: tree or metal. Consider that the tree has no sufficient durability, it is subject to rotting and defeat by various fungi. Metal stronger, but demands permanent care as he is exposed to corrosion (rusts), and gate begin to creak.

5. Further choose design of gate (oar, movable, lifting, etc.). Each design has positive and negative lines. For example, oar are inexpensive, are easily mounted, are easy-to-work, are suitable for small apertures, but at the same time a lot of place is necessary for opening. The movable design considerably saves the place necessary for the movement of shutters but it is much more expensive.

6. Choose type of management of gate. Mechanical way (when gate open and closed manually) simpler and less costly. Automatic gate can open from charm (radio-controlled) or the button from the stationary control unit. For this reason they are more expensive than mechanical. Consider what for installation of such mechanisms is required special skills and abilities therefore it is desirable that automatic gate were installed by experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team