How to choose the lock for outer door

How to choose the lock for outer door

One of the main functions of outer door – it is reliable to protect the dwelling from penetration of strangers. For this purpose of door equip with the locking devices. The lock put on outer door has to correspond to its type, to be reliable and resistant to breaking.


1. Define what quantity of closure mechanisms will be required for door. On standard timber door it does not make sense to put several locks of different type. If malefactors want to get into such room, then even the most modern lock as the timber door can be opened rather easily by means of the simplest tools will not be able to stop them. For metal door it is recommended to pick up not less than two locking devices of different design.

2. Estimate degree of protection which is provided by the lock. When choosing it is necessary to consider that even one lock of qualitative model can be more reliable, than two simple and cheap closure mechanisms of handicraft work. Locks usually subdivide into two main types: cut-in and laid on. The last type is less resistant to breaking.

3. Pay attention to design of the lock and complexity of its device. It is not recommended to use cheap and outdated locks of rack type on outer door. The cylinder locks supplied with several rows of pins are considered as more reliable. They possess sufficient degree of privacy for reliable protection of apartments and offices. Have well proved also locking devices of suvaldny type from the European producers.

4. If you strive for the maximum reliability, stop the choice on electromechanical or electromagnetic castle devices. Control of such locks is exercised in the remote way, by means of magnetic cards or digital code panels. Locks of this kind are widely used to protection of entrance to office rooms.

5. Selecting the lock for outer door, take his manufacturer into account. The highest class of reliability is provided by the locking structures of the European producers, for example, to Germany or Finland. Models of locks of domestic or Chinese production, similar on the device, considerably are inferior to them on performance data.

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