How to choose the stabilizer

How to choose the stabilizer

Deviation scope of voltage surges in our networks become wider recently. Often these jumps lead to breakage of household household appliances and electric equipment. This problem has stopped being so sharp after emergence in the market of stabilizers which are designed to regulate automatically tension in networks, to protect electric equipment from voltage surges and pulse hindrances. However the problem remains when choosing model of the stabilizer.


1. Before going to shop behind purchase, it is necessary to decide on that single-phase or three-phase stabilizer is necessary to you. The three-phase stabilizer is necessary only in case in the apartment or the house there is at least one three-phase electric device. In other cases it is possible to manage also the single-phase device.

2. Calculate the necessary power of the stabilizer, i.e. the total power consumed by all electric devices in your apartment if the stabilizer is installed on all apartment. Ultimate power consists of active and reactive load, to electric devices it is specified in operational documents in the volt-amperes (VA). If loading is specified in watts (W), ultimate power it is necessary to calculate by formula VA = W/COSf. COSf coefficient is also specified in operational documentation. If producers have not specified COSf, when calculating it is possible to take average value of coefficient - 0.7. When calculating ultimate power and choosing the stabilizer it is important to consider that any household appliances with the electric motor at the time of inclusion consume more energy, than during the work in the normal mode. The ratio of these sizes is called frequency rate of starting current. If this size is unknown, the power stated in the operational passport of the equipment, we multiply by 3. Experts recommend to choose power conditioner model with stock of power consumption of loading in 20% to increase the term of operation of the device.

3. Finally decide on voltage range, admissible for power supply of your equipment. The majority of household appliances requires the stabilizer with accuracy of 5-7%, for lighting equipment the accuracy has to be not less than 3%. However because of wide spacing in requirements imposed to equipment power supply it is better to consult with specialists of the service center or shop.

4. Besides, when choosing the stabilizer pay attention on: - overload capacity which is responsible for stabilizer power reserve; - availability of overload protection and short circuit (this characteristic is responsible for prevention of breakage of the stabilizer at long absence of tension); - control system of voltage output (prevents breakage of the electric devices connected to the stabilizer if the last has failed); - possibility of adjustment of voltage output (helps to increase or reduce tension at the exit if electric devices are calculated on the western standards of tension in 230 V).

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